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Pheonixes, deities and Aquaman ( OR the backstory to the Markovic Family)

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Phoenixes, snakes and deities (or the backstory to the Markovic Family. )


Most know me as Maksim Markovic. People know me as this mouthy fire god, who likes to take risks and likes to cause a little trouble. But they don’t know the real me and the family. Well, most know of my family, but they only know like maybe one percent of what they learned in school. Let me tell you about my family. On my father’s side, there is Neptune. Yes, that sea god himself. The original Aquaman, and the king of the seas. That would be my father. He is one of several siblings. On my mother’s side, my mother was the sun goddess known as Sunna or Sol. She was part of the Norse pantheon so you know who some of those in that pantheon. You know who they are. No introduction on who is who. However, I will say that the stories that you hear of both pantheons aren’t really that true. Maybe a little bit but you know with stories that can be stretched a little bit.


Now where were we? Oh yes, my back story! I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. I’m one of 20 kids that my father has. While I don’t know who is the oldest in the family. Out of the siblings that I can remember, my brother Aleks is the oldest. Most think he is younger than me and Misha but he is a few years older than me. He is also the one who keeps the siblings at least in tact. My sister Lexi likes to do her own thing, so we don’t blame her for her anti-social behavior though surprising for a sun goddess. Then there is me and my brother Misha. You see, all of us siblings on the Markovic side were born in the heydays of the Roman empire. We were babies when the Romans decided that they wanted to expand outside of Italy. So, a little over two millennia, give or take. Now here is the tricky part here. Most deities when they had children, had to keep those kids a secret. If anyone knew, deity or not that they would be in danger. At least in the time when I was born. Though with other pantheons mixing eventually, there was a little bit of leeway. In this case, we were with my mother until we were old enough to do our own thing. However, I knew my dad was there at least to keep an eye on us, either disguised or be there in the shadows so to speak. In addition, all of us siblings have some connection to either the sea or the sun. There are some exceptions to that like my brother Aleks and connection to the moon, darkness and vampires. Just don’t mention Dracula or Bram Stoker. He will curse you out. Seriously.


Now, most know that I also have the phoenix. The firebird that tends to renew itself after so long, that whole spiel. Until recently, I didn’t know what happened to me to cause me to have it within me. Now that I know, it makes sense. You see, when I was about a year old that I was sick. My parents didn’t know what was going on. The phoenix who was at my side was a gift from the hindu gods Agni and Shiva. They will become a part of my life later in my immortal life. The phoenix would save my life, and eventually becoming a part of me.  Someone was jealous of my mother and decided to poison me, so she could be with my father by taking it out on me. That didn’t go as planned. I mean, I’m here talking to you, right? There’s more to my story but this is pretty much the gist of it. I know my family has more to tell. Hopefully they don’t start telling embarrassing stories about me and my shenanigans. Darn, they’re going to do that aren’t they..



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    Part Two – Misha’s side of the Story.

    As you’ve heard from my brothers, we come from a family of deities from both the Norse and Roman pantheons. So, I won’t get into too much in that as most know about it by now. Most know me as Mikhail Markovic, but that is just a name that my family has used since the 11th century. My real name is Callum Nathanson. I also go by other names but that is for another story to tell . We usually had to change our names constantly as we didn’t want to be found out with having magic, let alone being a deity. History has told us what happened to people accused with magic. We had to travel around. Though there were places that were friendly to us. Especially in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, hence the name change. After that, things started to quiet down so to speak. Luckily, we weren’t alone as we had our mother and her adopted brothers which are the Pattersons if you didn’t know. Aleks mentioned one of them, you’ll get to know them more soon. They’re not one to be messed with in a fight. Especially Quinn and his affinity for swords.

    Now, things didn’t start to get going for me until at least the 17th century. I lived quietly for a long time. Though I wanted to see more, and I decided to travel. The age of empires and discovery was a good way to that. I traveled with the English and traveled around. Though I heard the horror stories of the Spanish and the Incas and Mayans. And don’t get me started on Columbus. Movies tend to gloss things over. But I will tell you one thing. Always name your ship. Bad things tend to happen when you don’t. I learned that one the hard way. Though even if you name it, things tend to happen. Reason I didn’t get to be on a boat again for a little while but that’s for another story. But things started to look up from there. Me and my brother were co-captains of the ship The Phoenix. We were pretty good at what we did before certain space captains were around and thought of. Right up until a certain Dragon named Joe decided to destroy it. Yeah, still not happy about that but time to move on. But we were a great team. I’m not trying to brag but we were. Though I gave up my naval career to be a pirate. Yes, I was a pirate for a little while. Decided to be risky and try something new. Though that’s something my family is known for. That and appearing out of nowhere. My dad is known for that and my brother Maks is following in that footstep.

    I started to fall in love with a certain pirate named Con. Short for Constantin. Though we met only briefly when we were teenagers in the ancient days of Rome. I was there to be there for support for Quinn and his brother Aiden as they were gladiators at the time. He was there with his friend Kara. We only met at that moment, but I knew we’d see each other again. Who could miss that smile of his, just saying. It would be before I ended up in the Navy that I saw him again, only to be separated. Yeah, remember me telling to always name the ship? I ended up over board after a freak storm. Only to be on Quinn’s ship after that. I know, sea gods should know better. I’m not my dad, alright? It was when I was in the Navy that I met Con again, on different sides of the law. I was in the Navy and he was a pirate. He tried to flirt with me and Maks. Maks wasn’t having it. I was entranced though and me and him have been together in some way ever since. Through the Romans, to the Age of discovery to even the rush to head west. We didn’t end up back together until a year or so ago. I have no regrets when it comes to him. None.

    Though there are some things to clear the air with. I don’t have some kind of feud with Nikola Tesla. While I did work with him in the past, we do get along. And yes, he’s alive, somehow. Don’t ask me about that. But we do get along, and we’ve gotten into some hijinks in the past. Let’s just say there’s a fish somewhere that is glowing like a lightbulb and a fish with some vampire fangs. Though I think Nikola kept that one. That still gives me the chills though. And the other thing is about those that look like me. For most that know and don’t know. There are a few people that look like me. Kirk, Steve Trevor and Rex are those that look like me. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just someone might have had too much fun with the magic there to make that happen. *ahem” Dad *ahem* One of me is weird enough, two is okay, three is over kill and four, well somethings wrong there. Kirk and Rex happen to be distant relatives. I’m trying to figure that one out and where in my family it is. Especially on my mother’s side. Though rumors are that my Uncle Thor might have had something to do with that one. Jury is still out with that. Never knew the god of Thunder was like that. Yeah, our family is a little screwed up. There will be more stories to follow but for now, I think everyone knows about me.

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