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Pirates and Spies – Prologue

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It’s been three years. No luck. Taking odd jobs just to support me through my… process. It’s an expensive one; one of pure extravagance and danger. Elegant dresses and shoes, dangerous guns and ammunition that could rip through you without stopping.


Most people would stop at the extravagant part. However, my mission requires much more than that.


My mission will change my life.




Mom and dad are arguing again. It appears to be a theme among rich married couples. Or, so it seems to me.

They fight about a number of things. My brother’s autism, my dad needing to go off to war again.


But there’s one that’s different. I can tell it’s different because they speak about it in hushed voices so my brother, Adrian, and I can’t hear. From just a couple snippets I’ve heard, it’s like they’re talking about killing someone for something not having to do with any war I know of.

I’m determined to find out what it is.

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