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Planning a Marriage (Yin & Yang Arc) Chapter 2:Part 6

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A/N:Note this is Non-cannon to the other writer’s profile, this is the planning of Amelia Skymoon & Lucien Dragonfang’s Remarriage by there children ( @SelennaLucyrus , @AugustiaPinkadow , @KathyPinkadow , @cammellia-witch )

“This the place you wanna do it? Is the docks?” Mikayla and Abigail ask there mother

“Indeed and I already got your great grandma’s blue dress it’s beautiful ain’t it?” Amelia asked

“Of course is stunning” Andrew said to his mother as Bella and Natalie were getting measured by a tailor

“Do they really have to do this Andrew? They’ve both gotten married and have dresses..” Alida asked her brother blinking

“Well Bella can wear a witch Outfit to my wedding, she just needs to follow other customs of manners and other stuff” Amelia said  “However Natalie needs a new dress as well as most of my other grandchildren…”

“What kind of flowers?” Alida asked

“White & Green vine flowers” Amelia answered

“Guests?” Abigail asked

“Everyone in Mia’s Family, Our Family expect Bella’s Father..and other families of this world” Amelia said softly

“Date?” Mikayla asked

“June 18th” Amelia said to her daughter as she smiled and sent her kids out to start placing the orders


“So Grandma believes that they’ll attack Kaylee Shores? Then we shall be ready for them with our allies a for the next few weeks” Alyssa said as Natalie nods

“Your brother and his wife have already been warned about it, the walls of Kaylee Shores have been started to be built with that..the Royal Guard of Kaylee Shores has been formed by the Marie Pack” Natalie said as Lily gave a nod

“We should keep tabs on all the settlements and nearby Bandit Camps, I want those the camps ambushed, taken over, looted and arrested” Lily said as she got a nod from Natalie as grand map of Cadenziera was on the wall


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