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Please Me, Please

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 ||Sexy stuffs, minor nasties, blah blah. You’re warned.||

Veneto, Italy, 1842

Gently blowing on the tea in her hand, the demon looked to the honey that was settled on the counter. Its golden color reminded her of something she missed for the moment though she would be home soon. Not now, but soon. Lynn was surely to hear from that. Going outside like it were some problem. Was it so wrong to feel cooped up inside of a home for too long? When all she wanted was something to sweeten her tea seeing as coffee was a god-forsaken sin in the roommates’ religion. Couldn’t she have a little something sweet that wasn’t her? 

Lynn hints a smirks. Sweet like her.

She take a drink of her tea, not caring for the heat of it until the slam of the front door is heard. The demon arching a brow then gazing over to the entrance of the kitchen, soon graced with the sight of the rather vexed nun that walked through the door. Lord, she was beautiful. Even with her freckled face scrunched up like that, cheeks  red with anger. Golden colored eyes squinted in anger as she marched into the room. Pausing to look down at the woman, the demon in front of her, then jerked a finger in the air to point to the honey on the counter.

“Do you mind explaining what that is?” She hissed. Even her words were beautiful. Harmonic sounding to the demon, her red angel. All the demon could do was stare. Quickly looking at the honey than back to her jewel. 


“Where did you get it from?” 

The demons red eyes narrowed. Would she be pushed around by her beauty like this? There was only so much this girl could do and get away with. Lynn was not to be controlled. And she would not let some human girl scold her like she were a child. She just would not stand for that. So with another sip of the mug, Lynn placed it down than looked up to the sinful nun. Grabbing the girls chin in one hand than looking her in the eye with a threatening stare, only three or so inches down. Bloody red hues pouring fear into the honey colored ones of the nun. “I got it from the market, Lily. I left the house and I got it. Is there a problem in that, girl?” The demon coons. Drawing Lily closer to which she shudders. Lidded eyes looking to the demons lips then up again.

Stammering her words quickly while she twiddled her thumbs. “I-I.. Y-you were seen. T-they questioned why you were still here. Why you have not gone yet. W-why you do not go to church. I got so scared.” She could not stay strong against this demon. Shorter by some inches, and blacker than sin; her light could not fight it. She pleaded to the Lord every night to see if she be saved, and he said nothing. The first night it happened, the night she gave in, he also was not there, and she loved it. That freedom of not relying on her God to lead her way when her body knew what to do. And she loved every sweat dropping moment of it.

“Scared?” Lynn taunts coyly, her head cocked. Letting the pale girls face go and smiled gently. Dropping her hand towards the nuns hooded shoulder and scowled some bit. Grabbing the headdress and ripping it from the girls’ shoulders. Letting her mess of red flow free. Raining down her back to neck against her back. Becoming incredibly sexy in just those moments to which Lynn grabbed the nuns’ hips and pulled her against her pelvis. Instinctively Lily gasped but her arms wrapped around her dark haired roomie. Looking down at her and let out a shaky breath. Shyly letting her eyes drop away to look somewhere else from the pools of bloody eyes the demon possessed. But Lynn leans, and brushes her lips against Lily’s. “Scared about what?”

Lily melted, feeling the warmth of the demons lips. Should she go fully for it? Was that too eager? When was enough enough? When would she say no to this beast? 

She wouldn’t.

She couldn’t.

“Scared…” She breaths carefully, pulling her lover closer. “Scared they might had suspected things.”

“What kind of things?”

“The things that we do. Th-the sin that we do.”

Lynn chuckles gingerly, taking the ginger’s rosebud shaped lip into her mouth. Sucking it gently for a moment. She loved how innocent this girl was. How fragile she was, but what a prowling panther she became in bed. Took a little something to get it out of her but once it was it had turned the demon on to the extent that she wanted to forever toy with this human until she turned into that beast again. And do the sin that she spoke of.

With a few more sucks, then a run of her tongue over the girls lip, achieving a sudden heatened flush of the girls face than she pulled her head away. Gasping out, “oh stop teasing me already!” Lilith snaps, pulling herself away from Lynn and towards her room. There, she would begin to unbutton her dress. Pilling the clothing from her body up until she is to her undergarments. Walking towards her dresser for her nightgown but doesn’t make it. Because in those few moments she was thrown to the bed. Landing on the smooth silk of her sheets. Huffing out a gasp as she looked up at the demon that now straddled her. Head dipped down, nuzzling into the nuns neck, a growl of sorts coming from her lips. And a noise of sin from her lover.

“Teasing, my dear? This is teasing to you?”

“Yes yes.. Please. Let me put my night gown on.”

Lynn whines softly, kissing the nuns neck. Her tongue going along the crease of her neck then up to her ear gently, enjoying the taste of her freckled skin. “But why?”

“Miranda please.”

Lynn smirks. She knew she got this girl under her thumb. The way she now had her hands on the demons back, squeezing and pulling at her shirt. Lynn soon snatched up the nuns hands and pulled them against the bed. Reaching her lips down to the nuns neck once more, leading lower down the center of her chest.. At that point Lily was writhing. A panting puddle. Finally protesting her pleasure to Lynn as she tugged at her wrists, Lynn let them go, but kept her fingers on the nuns pale skin while her fingers road on her body. “Please! You damned devil! Stop teasing me!”

Lynn chuckles against the girls’ skin. Pulling her lips up from her stomach and looked up to Lilith who was gripping the pillows now. “Ah,” Lynn begins, “there is the please I was looking for, love.”

“Why must you torture me so?” Lynn did not reply. Only laughed while she played with the strings on Lily’s underwear. Lynn looked up her bloody colored eyes to the nun. A devilish grin blazing her features. Pulling the string undone then gripping the cloth, inching it down slightly. Keeping her eyes directly on Lily’s. 

“It is what I do.” She finally replied after a long wait, “now. Say please again.”


The demons lips smashed against the nuns. A strong, passionate kiss. Lily reacted with a sudden huff of breath but she did kiss back. She knew it was wrong; but what more could she do? She could never say no to her demon. But just as it started it ended. Burning lips pulled from hers. She stared up at Lynn, lust in her golden eyes. She stared back, licking her lips then smiling sweetly.

”–Please what?” Lynn asks, dipping her head back down towards the girl, though it was a different set up lips she was headed for.

“Please, please me.”

“Oh, you are so proper.” Lynn teases.

Lily brought up her head to glare at the demon. “Hush and just please me–” Breath catches, nerves go on overdrive. Arching her back and shaming her holy name. “Oh my God..”

“Hah, far from it, love.”


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  1. Catherine Nguyen 6 years ago

    Want to tell me how many more ex-boyfriends my ‘goody-two-shoes’ girl wants to have? /she grins

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