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at times in my life i wonder

Why was i born? what is the reason for living in this world

my body as a human is frail and week treated the way i am with my parents is not easy i know this but..

where do i belong where douse my real life begin

therefore i travel to the dark depths of the world to find my calling

the darkest part of my soul lies a women that i know i can be

the darkness i see is lovely as well

though the day keeps the women i want to be from waking

only once the sun goes down will she awaken

the darkness is her home and once the day no longer comes darkness will

rule this world and i will become hole and the darkness to will be my home   


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  1. Tryren Solstice 9 years ago

    He woke at dusk and immediately showered.  It was his habit.  He was always cold when he woke and he loathed being cold.  The shower helped.  It didn’t completely stem off the chill of death but it was enough for him to be able to start his evening. 

    He towel dried his long hair and then ran his fingers through it before pulling it back in a loose tie at the nape of his neck.  He dressed informally in loose black trousers and a long grey tunic with an indigo vest that trailed to mid-thigh.  He always wore a touch of blue, a reminder of the sunny sky he was no longer permitted to look upon. 

    Martin, the steward, met him outside the bedroom door with a glass of wine on a tray.  Kainen took it and asked about the whereabouts of Sofia.  Upon hearing she was in the library, he told Martin to bring two more glasses of wine and a tray of meats, cheeses, and fruits to the loft.  The man’s eyes narrowed but he bobbed his head and turned to perform his duty. 

    Kainen climbed the narrow winding staircase and stopped short at the top seeing Sofia collapsed upon the cushions.  For an instant he felt a frisson of fear that she was dead.  That he had killed her either with his strength or his words.  Or both.  He went to her, leaned over laid his fingertips against her jugular, and exhaled loudly in relief.  Taking the book from her slack fingers, he pulled the blanket off the back of the settee and laid it over her.  Then he stepped back and sat down in the chair across from her, watching her smooth face as she slept.

    It was not a peaceful sleep.  Her brow was furrowed and she worried her bottom lip with her teeth and tears pushed past her closed lashes.  His eyes caught on her bruised and broken hand, cradled against her carefully.  His pressed his lips together, disgusted at his loss of temper.  He leaned over the rail.  Martin was just ascending the stairs.  Kainen ordered him to get a healer to the flat immediately.  She had done well bandaging it but it would take weeks to heal if not tended to by a mage. 

    What are you thinking? he growled to himself.  Just let her suffer with it.  She deserves far worse.  He sighed and drained the second glass of wine.  She did.  He couldn’t argue that.  But neither could he follow through with the spiteful act.  He was the most pathetic vampire of all time.  Not only was he horribly disfigured, something that was anathema to all vampires, but he was a softie.  It was a little known fact as he did his damnedest to hide it but … he was.  He groaned. 

    He nudged her with his toe.  “Wake up,” he said coldly.  She blinked and glanced around quickly, taking a moment to recollect her surroundings, and then turned her large doe-eyes back to him.  He scowled at her.  “Eat something,” he said, pointing to the tray of food.  He never let his eyes off of her, waiting until she obeyed his command and nibbled at a piece of cheese.  “You will continue eating,” he said quietly.  “But you will also tell me …;” he closed his eyes.  “Why,” he croaked.  “Why did you come to me in that cell?  Why?”

  2. Author

    (so some of you know i’m just writing whats off the top of my head some of my poems don’t have a point i just write down what i’m thinking or feeling))

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