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Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy is a very resourceful woman. She almost always has a backup plan, yet she’s always ready to fight for her main. She’s a scientific genius and knows everything about flora. She often includes plant life in her wardrobe as well, to give that image of a nature goddess.

This blog will give a visual tour of the character and her wardrobe.

First off. Her ‘casual’ wear. Simply nothing but a red shirt and some leafs covering up her private parts.

Second, is her regular villain outfit. This one has been along since she first started.

Her third is a more revealing, seductive, outfit which she only uses on special occasions where she thinks she might need to add to her charm.

And lastly, her party dress. This she wears only on extraordinary occasions, such as weddings, fancy parties and meetings. 

All in all, Poison Ivy is by far as shallow as she make herself appear to be. She does have a heart of gold, it only takes thawing it. 

She will forever despise men, even though she find attractive, and therefore prefers a more feminine company. This was one of the reasons she established the Gotham City Sirens group with Selina Kyle and Harleen Quinzel.

She easily loose her trust in many, and once lost, it isn’t easily regained. She is therefore often distant towards humans. And this was what, ultimately, disbursed he Siren trio. 

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  1. Wren Moore 5 years ago

    Beautifully written as always 😉

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