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Poison the blood (Advance to the source.)

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With a small blip of light he emerged from the shadows of an alley way.  Head peeking out around him as he looked towards the hospital that was his target.  The vials of toxin he had worked to create was already nestled safely in the pouch at his side.  He was going to travel light tonight.  Only keeping his hand cannon, dagger and potion pouches on his person.  “Alright Minnow they believe in you.  You can do this….”  He spoke softly to himself.  Trying to bolster his own courage.  Quickly he produced the first of his vials.  Not one of the toxins but another oil.  As silently as he could, he went about applying the substance within to his clothing.  Mostly his shoes, and his pants.  The oil helped with muffling the sounds of movement that they produced.  Given the cover of the night, his five foot tall scrawny frame and the addition of the oil.  He figured it would be as best as he could do to get in.  


Placing the now empty vial into it’s spot within his pouch he would look about. Meinolf had said that not many were patrolling this district right?  Left…. clear.  Right…. clear.  So far so good.  But he wasn’t stupid, most likely they would have the majority of their forces guarding the supply, at the supply.  Why did he decide this was a good idea?  “Shape up Minnow… just one step at at time.”  His voice quiet as he chastised himself once more.  Staying low he started off.  Carefully like he always was, quiet thanks to the lithe build and the stalker oil.  Pretty quiet if he did say so himself.  He was on his game tonight.  Maybe it was the pressure of the situation.  Or the fact that he was so inspired by all the other heroes who were out doing just as dangerous if not more so missions of their own.  


It was an easy task to make it to the door.  Inside he slipped.  Making sure to have taken a side door so as to avoid coming in the entrance.  Quiet, calm he surveyed his surroundings.  Now the question was where to find the source.  Summoning his courage once more he started off.  Slinking through the hospital as he tried looking for signs of where the blood source may be.

    1. Author
      Merric "Minnow" Silvan 9 months ago

      It took effort at first to move. He was pretty sure that punch might have broken a few bones. Ugh it hurt. But he couldn’t stop. The shots that had been fired were most likely heard by now. So he did what he could do. Uncorking a vial on the move he would down it. The bodies natural healing began to amp up, not quite closing the wounds outright but at least lessening the pain so he could focus. It was all out now. He moved at a swifter pace. Still on the look out for more encounters. Hand cannon held firmly within his grip as he shifted forward. Tch he didn’t have time to go room by room to look for them. However he did have the ability to find the source. Thanks to all the tubing that ran through the place. At a trot he would make his way towards the source of the blood. Careful to duck into rooms at even the slightest of hints that he might be followed. Pain from his earlier injuries falling off like leaves from the tree thanks to the tonic he had consumed. At a hurried pace it would most likely not take him too long to follow along and make his way towards the blood supply. From there all he had to do was dump the alchemical silver into the source then move on. His focus was solely on getting the toxin into the blood. Even if it cost him his life. With a deep breath he would take hold of the vials. Looking to the amount of guards posted inside. Slowly swallowing the lump that rested in his chest. Most likely he had only one shot at this. For a brief moment he watched. Noticing the patterns of their patrol.

      One, two, three, four guards. He had bullets for each of them still. But the problem was if he missed. He had to be sure he could take out the guards and poison the supply before the others came. Wait that was it. The pack that he was given in the tavern. Quickly he shuffled through his pouch to pull out the U.V pack that was given to him. One chance. He would toss it up into the air after triggering the mechanism inside. Making it bounce into the room a few times drawing the vampires attention. It was too late however as soon as they turned to look the pack opened and spilled out the brilliant light. Over the vampires it would spill. Engulfing them till they were nothing but dust. “That worked… a lot better then I would have expected.” he would have to remember to ask for or make more of those for the future. With the guards taken care of, as the light would have wiped out anyone in the room and surrounding rooms as it flowed from the source. Quickly he set to work. Moving to place the contents of the vials he had in his pack. The liquid silver spilling into the blood and mixing. More then enough that it would contaminate the entire stock in this location. If there were other blood banks he did not know. This one however was now hopefully stopped. With a sigh of relief as the last vial was emptied and dropped to the floor he would take his portal coin out. Ready to be done with this place and to get back home.

    2. Author
      Merric "Minnow" Silvan 9 months ago

      He’s on high alert as he walks through the stark halls. Only showing a small grimace as he comes into contact with the first of the wired up patients. There was nothing he could do for the poor souls, so instead he walks on. Moving towards his destination as best he could. Thankfully for him he was ready for some sort of encounter. So as the lords stand in awe for that briefest of moments he takes his turn. They were faster, stronger and probably better trained. But he had some experience with their kind. The gun was lifted free with ease. Chitose’s special custom .45 firing off a round that should rip through one of the first vampires at 8000 fps. If the force of the impact did not outright slay them, the liquid silver of the bullet should do the trick. A second shot was fired but most likely missed the second seated one. So the impact to his chest would succeed knocking the wind out of him. Sending him flying back into the other who tried to grab at his neck. Thanks to the oil coating his form however as soon as he hit the creature he would slip from it’s grip like a wet bar of soap. Not wasting a beat in that second he would fire once more. First straight ahead at the vampire who knocked him in the chest. Aim was true right between the eyes. Then he used his momentum to aim upwards. Firing a second shot through the chin of the vampire that tried to grab him. If this got both of them he wouldn’t wait around to be seen as the shots would most likely have been heard. Even if his chest felt like it was about to cave in. He would carry on to try and find the source before everything went down.

    3. Augustus Octavian 9 months ago

      The hospital itself was so large that it took Minnow quite some time to find his place amidst the many halls and chambers the building held. This was once the establishment of HERD, Hellifyno’s elite hospital and healing force. Now it’s a barren wasteland, the halls filled with human cattle that at hooked up in large masses of plastic wires transporting blood through pipes along the wall down the endless cycle of tunnels. The first of these halls is what Minnow takes and it doesn’t take long for him to run into trouble. Three elite Giovanni vampire lords are waiting in the break room he’s just entered through the hall way. The first of the three, upon spotting him, stares with his mouth agape but neither of the other two hold off in waging their attacks on him. One is at his side in a blur, pushing and shoving against his chest with the force of a mac truck. The other phases into existence behind him, trying to grab the back of his neck and hair to force him against a wall.

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