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Poison was the Cure

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Thason sat in his workshop in Twine and stared at his computer screen while biting the end of a stylus pen. On his screen was a chart of information and a series of smaller windows with chemical equations on them. Along the top of the window gave away what Thason was now in the middle of working on.


He leaned forward and began writing something down on the blank screen a series of more chemical equations and then he tapped the screen with the pen. Thason waited a second before a screen popped up that flashed a warning.


Thason swore under his breath and went back to slouching in the chair while chewing on the stylus. He reached over for his drink only to find it empty to which a sigh escaped his lips. Thason stood up from the chair and grunted as his knees cracked from sitting for so long. He made his way to a machine and keyed in a refill. While he waited his mind began to drift to the past, the intense battle to which he received the facial scars. 

An intense sharp pain brought his mind back to the present as he winced and felt the two powers within him fight for dominance. One was the energies of Twine that Thason tapped into to which the island seemed to respond by trying to heal his wounds which were caused by the second power; the curse. The same curse that kept his body from healing the scars upon his face. The curse forced upon him by an old adversary turned nemesis. 

A beeping sound brought his focus to the drink that was now steaming hot. Thason picked it up and sipped it slowly, the warmth of the liquid sliding down his throat and flowing through his body. He exhaled as he returned to his workbench and sat down. A hand reached up to rub the rather ragged beard that he had been growing ever since he started his project. He had been at it for nearly 3 months now and he had made little progress.

He stared at it as a teddy bear brought him a data tablet. Thason looked at the tablet and then it clicked. There was one drug that he could use with the chemical that might balance everything out. The problem was he would have to make the drug himself to add it to the rest of the chemical mixture. He quickly wrote in the substitute in and hit enter. A few seconds went by before the machine brought him probably the best news he’d seen in such a long time.


“Finally,” he said with a smile as he leaned back in the chair. “Now we can get to the good stuff” Hours went by as Thason worked with a sense of fresh energy and within a few more hours, he had it. A vial of swirling red liquid that seemed to give off a small orange glow. He held the vial close to himself as he stared at the computer screen.

He quickly moved over to a part of his lab which had a large microscope and a set of pastry dishes. He took out a fresh dish and then used a knife to cut off a small portion of his burn scar tissue to which it seemed to regenerate back quickly. He then placed the cut slice into the dish and placed it under the scope.

Thason uncorked the orange liquid and gave a single drop to the bit of skin. He watched as the cells absorbed the liquid and then they began to shake violently before stabilizing and turning healthier he looked at the skin slab and saw that the scars were gone and now, it was normal. Thason waited a moment to see if it would have any side effects but nothing seemed to happen. 

“Okay,” he said softly as he looked at the vial. “Here goes nothing” and with that, he titled the vial back and drank it all. 


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