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Possession in the dark

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“Bring it closer” Keir motioned the servant boy with the goat towards him. The goat protested against the rein that the boy had placed upon it. The creature wanted nothing to do with what Keir had planned for it, but a sacrifice was needed for what Keir wanted to do. He could slit the boy’s throat instead. There was more power in the blood of beings like the boy than a hundred goats. He held the knife out in the boy’s direction. It would be so easy to do it. He could slit his throat before the boy was aware that his plan had changed. 

No, he thought as he slide the knife across the goat’s neck. There was no need to kill the boy. The ritual he was about to do didn’t need it.  The blood of the goat would be sufficient enough for what he had planned. Besides, killing the boy would be a waste. There was great potential within the child. Then there was the fact that his wife would disapprove of him killing anyone–let alone an innocent child. Sad as this might be, it was probably the last part that stayed his hand more than anything else.  “Do you remember what I told you?” He asked the boy he begun to draw symbols into the ground as well as a circle to surround those symbols

“Yes, my lord.” The boy said and quickly added  “Do not enter the circle no matter what happens.” when Keir gave him a look that requested him to repeat what he had told him.

“Good lad.” The last thing Keir wanted was the boy to be harmed or even killed by something that Keir might summon this day. The spell he was about to preform was not unknown to him. He had cast this particular spell more times than he could remember. It was part of his specialty. He had walked the streets of cities that had crumbled into dust, walked the halls of caste that now stand in ruins, fought in battles that are now only whispers in the wind–among countless other things. This was all done by calling forth witch ancestors from the after life and allowing them to enter his body. They imparted memories upon him–knowledge of events that happened so long ago as well as spells and magics that have long been forgotten. 

What made this one different was how far back into his people’s history he intended to reach for an ancestor. He wished to go as far back as he could to as close to his people’s beginning as he possibly could get. There was no way of knowing if he would extend his reach and accidentally summon something from the void or if there were even dangerous things within the time period he hoped to reach that would use his connection to their world to enter his. The last thing he wanted to do was unleash an ancient horror upon the world. That was why he had the circle. It was to keep whatever he might accidently call forth confined until it could be banished.

He took a deep breath, drawing symbols across his face and body before he sat down upon the ground. This, as well as the thousands of candles that he had set up both outside and within the circle would help him extend his reach farther. Spirits were drawn to candle flames for some reason. Keir had his theory upon this, but that was a thought for another day. For now, he closed his eyes and allowed the spell to take over him.

Keir rushed through the history of his people’s history so quickly that it all blurred together. He heard various ancestors from this time call out to him–some had became his friends much in the same way that both Dojan and Dallan were his friends. He did not dismiss them completely, but he did not linger in their presence for long. He kept moving–faster and faster until he found himself standing in front of a blonde male. Was he one of the first? He narrowed his eyes at the other male, trying to see his features better. It was an impossible task with the way the male kept flickering before Keir. A fact that he found to be disconcerting. What if after awhile even spirits fade and the only way for them to immortal was to keep being reborn? Or what if there was something else at play here? 

If it was the former he wasn’t about to allow whatever knowledge this spirit might hold be lost within the sand of time forever and if it was the latter—well that what he had the circle for. “I am Keir Giese-Vesela.” 

The witch did not need to ask the other his name. He gave it as soon as Keir gave his. “Istvan Giese-Lavoie” He gave a slight bow upon uttering these words, and spoke in a voice that seemed hoarse with lack of use. “What do you want? Why did you summon me?” The tone he said those words in gave more credence to the idea that had not spoken to another soul for a very long while.

“I wish to learn from you”

These words seemed to please the male.However rough his edges he might be, he seemed to be a male that greatly admired those that sought knowledge. “I am not sure if I will be able to teach you.” The true meaning behind his words became clear as he glanced around. Already Keir was losing his connection to him. The flickering became more intense and he felt himself being pulled back to his body.

“Enter me.” Keir told him, yanking against the power that was drawing to drag him back. “Your memories will enter my mind and I will remember them as you did.” Not all of them. It was never all of them. Yet, Keir couldn’t help imagining what he could learn from this man with just one memory. There was no hesitation on Istvan’s part. He did not inquire whether or not the witch that stood before him was certain. He just entered and within that moment Keir knew that he had no intention of letting go without a fight. 

Keir did not blame the other for this. He had been lost within the dark for so long that he was afraid that if he didn’t seize control of Keir’s body that he would be lost to it forever. He had no desire in keeping Keir’s body forever–a fact that he kept repeating. Just long enough to find the pieces of his own body and reassemble them, so he can return to the goddess side.

It was impossible to say who would have emerged the victor if Keir had continue to resist Istvan’s efforts to take control of his body, but if he could help him find peace within the goddess embrace by allowing Istvan to have his body for some time then that was a sacrifice he was willing to make. He was certain his loved ones would understand once he explained the situation to them……..

……The servant boy moved closer to the circle. Remembering the orders he was given, he was was careful not to enter the circle. “My lord?” The head of his clan had been still for so long that he thought he was dead. He jumped back when he started to stir and stand. His master did not seem to notice him right away. His eyes glanced everywhere else beside the young boy that stood at the edge of his circle, but he did not stay unaware for long. His eyes snapped towards the boy. There was something different within those eyes. It was nothing physical. It was the same color and shape, but it felt as if someone else beside his master was behind those eyes. 

“You. Find me magic” 

The boy started to protest, started to tell him that they had no idea where magic was at this moment, but he was silent with a mere wave of his master’s hand. “I don’t care for your excuses. You will do as I command.” Swallowing the boy nodded his head before running off, and leaving Istvan alone. He glanced down at his hand. It felt strange to have a physical body, but he couldn’t get consumed by that thought. He had a new world to explore and a red-head to find—He could just picture Sloane’s face when he came for her. 

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