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[Posting OOC] Akeda Dojo is in need of players!

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Akeda Dojo is my very first world created here. I am still rather new to the site but not roleplay. I am going for realism but from an anime point of view. If you like for it to be realistic, it will fit. If you want it the other way…it will still fit. As for characters (mine) I have a realistic picture and an anime version. All of which are located on my profile page.

Roleplayer’s style

I am very versatile. I must admit. I haven’t played first person in over ten years! I tested the waters out on a notepad and it appears I still got it. The reason I did the test is because I see so many people on this site go first person instead of third person. I can cope and learn fast. But once a style is establish I hope to lock it and not have to change again. Switching can be a bit annoying when trying to enjoy a story.

Me / Know your partner

I am a girl and naturally I like playing as girl characters. I will however play as male if i really need too and don’t have a problem with it at all. As stated above I can try and match your rp style but I love third person the most. My favorite genre’s to play are Slice of life some Historic and Sci-fi. My favorite settings are Ancient Japan, future, distant future and current future. I like to play as swordsmen, archers, nerds and a few others. The personalities I usually use are Laid back, anger management/bipolar patients, bookworms, baddies, goodie-two-shoes and some others that I can’t think of at the moment. The main ones I play are fearless/reckless, or posers. I can play real based or anime based worlds. …As long as its something I enjoy~


I am looking for atleast 8 players in total. But the more the merrier. The reason for 8 is because of the room space in the dojo itself. There will be two to a room. That doesn’t limit characters from spending the night though! Characters can come visit the dojo as well. Your character can be a student but they don’t have to actually live at the dojo. Everyone is welcome!


The world created is during the Meiji Era 1878, where samurai weren’t allowed to hold or use real swords. If your character is not from Japan please do some research before coming to play. Technology and dress styles are very different in this time. I will be ok with any sort of lingo used in this time as well. This world is also loosely based on the Rurouni Kenshin anime. So this would mean your character can have a sword, though he or she will have to deal with the authorities accordingly as they come into play via huge fight, riot, bribery, over ranking, concealment or anything you can think of!

So Please come and take a gander. I look forward for some really awesome players! I even started it off on a calm note. Though I hope for some action sooner or later. Once I get a taker I will be more descriptive of how she looks. TTFN~

::Edit:: 7/26/2013

Forgot to mention story plot. Because I love stories that are various in nature. I do indeed have a story plot planned out. There will always be the “Selling of the dojo” or maybe the “Defend the flag” type thing. Basically protecting the dojo. But wait! (=_=) The story could be something better. It just all depends on the other players. Bring in some other good ideas and just let the story flow. This story should have it all Fighting, suspense, action, drama, romance! Fun for everyone~

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  1. ?antalion 8 years ago

    wow. i wish i’d met you then xD when you were a noob rper

    and aww well Ro still loves Nikki.

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