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Pray for Prudence (Part Three: The End)

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Time has no seal on passing, we make our own counts.


The tick tock of a running clock.


The hot summer sun that comes to rise then fall.


The seasonal changes that return time and time again.


This time Rocky and Prudence had a new count, the small beep from a running machine, the machine that marked the beating of Pru’s heart.


Slow and unsteady, no rhythm, no rhyme, just the sporadic random pulsate of beeping that marked she still had life running through veins of a dying body.


That endless sound only filled that small space with more tension, fear, rippling dripping dragging fear.


The kind of fear that comes from rational belief, which is the worse.


Not like the fear of god, or the fear of dark, this was different; this was the fear of losing a loved one, the fear of losing yourself, and suddenly having that fear confirmed by that small sound. Every time it flickered it reminded them that she really was a goner. That everything was all over, they were too late.


How they prayed they weren’t too late.


The doctor moved closer, he spoke but Pru couldn’t understand a word he was saying, she didn’t care either, she wanted to go home, she wanted out of here.


Small trickle of tears, little tickle of tears fumbled from the corners of her eyes.


With his gloved hands he began pushing a small tube, a tube the size of a green bean up the opening hole of her nose.


It moved with ease under the pressure of his pushing, and her hands rocked the bindings that held her in place.


Stormy blue eyes thundered with all the fear that shook her thoughts, they flashed from face to hovering face, seeking searching for her Rock, who still stood at the door motionlessly.


That little green bean tube scratched at her esophagus, tearing it, and in return Prudence wailed with a terrible scream of regret, of pain.


“Rockeh! Stop ‘em!” There was still some fight in that bag of bones yet, she struggled against those bindings, seeking freedom, seeking release. “I’ll get betteh! I promise! Juss make ‘em stop!” She was pleading, she needed this to end, she needed him to save her, save her now.


While that green bean kept slithering her heart rate grew slower.


The keeping of time further and further apart, slowing the life they lived.


“Its goinna be okay Prudence. They is juss helpin’ ya. Juss…. Juss God please let ‘em fuckin’ help ya.” Rocky called out to Pru while his fist balled, leaving knuckles strained white, his heart beating harder, faster, with a fury unseen.


He went about this the wrong way, she was his baby sister, and he was supposed to protect her. What if she died on him? How would that rip apart their family? How would it affect Jude? He had lost so much time, don’t fucking die Pru.


The thoughts they rumbled through his head like the heated swirl of dancing flames.


It was then that Pru’s screams for help stopped.


Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.


That boney little bag of body tightened, seized, thrashed against the restraints without control.


The brown sludge that was being pourn deep into the pit of her empty stomach began to expel, foaming, spewing.


It slid down her neck, coating the white gown, giving it weight to cling to her skin back breasts.


A fish out of water. She was the fish and the bed was the bone dray dock.


That beeping. It stopped.


“ONE. TWO. THREE!” Called the attendant who held the paddles of a defibrillator in his hands.


“Don’t fuckin’ die on me now Pru. We need ya ‘round, I cain’t do alla this on my own. We need you!” His broken choked calls reached deaf ears.


Prudence was the Wendy and Rocky and Jude were the lost boys, they needed her, he wanted to come closer wipe the tears from her face.


Losing the strength in his legs Rocky fell to the floor.




Her body tensed holding in what seemed mid-air at the pump of electricity, frozen in place, with the touch of paddles to chest.


Rocky Montagne was a damn prideful sinner. So far from god. A lost sheep in need of a Shepard. He was lost, but in that moment he prayed, He prayed so hard that his baby sister would be okay, he prayed that momma and Caroline were watching down on them. Begged that their calming grace would find them on this damned planet and would make it all okay.


“Rocky. You have to get out of here.”


They have another tube shoved down Pru’s throat in an attempt to keep her airways clear of the sludge that was pouring out.


“Get out now! We will get you when we are done. NOW!”


“That’s my baby sister!” She didn’t look like his baby sister anymore, no, she looked like something else now, something out of a horror movie.


He promised he would stay, he promised she would be okay, he couldn’t leave.


Why was the world crumbling down around him, why?


Two male nurses grabbed each arm, dragging his fighting body from the room.


God please let her be okay.


A Prayer for Prudence.


Lord hear my call, hear my faith, and hear my strain.

Lord your angel has fallen, lord hear her pain.

In you I trust in you she does believe.

Lord hear her hurt and let her be relieved. 

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  1. Thomas Wayne 8 years ago

    Excellently written…

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