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Prisoned. Part 3. ( A Sophie Story )

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I laid still in the tall wheat field, the wheat grass poked and scratched at my bare legs and arms every time they blew in the soft wind. I didn’t make a sound, I couldn’t or it would all be over. I stared up at the blue sky as the sun beat down against my youthful skin, I was hot, I could feel the sweat beads forming around my mouth and under my nose, it made me itchy but I could not scratch. My fingertips played with the bottom of my blue dress, twisting and tugging at the fabric as my heart raced as the footsteps grew closer. I held back a giggle as I could not be found. I had been laying here for a very long time and she still could not find me! 

“Sophie! Dove sei!?” I heard her call, her Italian wasn’t the greatest as was mine, but Papa had taught us basic commands.

I didn’t call back but I also felt bad that she had been trudging through these tall fields looking for me, her legs must be covered in red, blotchy bumps in irritation from the fields. My heart was pounding in my chest as I was the best at hide and seek…that and my sister always gave up early.

”I give up, Sophie! You win! Come out now or I’m telling Ama and Apa that you’re ruining their wheat stock!” My little sister called again, but I did not move or call back.

Her footsteps stopped just a few feet from where I was laying, I grinned and covered my mouth with my hands that were dirty and scratched from helping Papa in the barn earlier. I heard her take some slow steps towards me, but her footsteps sounded heavier…which only meant one thing…Papa was coming. He was much taller than the wheat and could see over them unlike my sister…I was in trouble now. He was going to lift me by the front of my dress and stand me up and send me to the barn to clean and not come out until supper, he disliked when we played in any of his fields. 

My smile faded as the heavy sound of boots got closer, I wanted to jump up and run before he could catch me but my body didn’t move…it hurt…it felt heavy. I screamed out my little sisters name in anger that she told Papa where I was but I could not speak. 

Suddenly the blue sky disappeared and was covered by a large figure, instead of it being my Papa, it was Lennox. She peered down at me with her glowing red eyes and evil grin, laughing at me as she reached for me, “Awh, did I wake you from your nap?” Her voice boomed, she sounded so loud for being so close, but I blinked my eyes as I had just woken up.

I looked around as I wasn’t in my cell anymore but in an actual bed, it wasn’t the coziest bed at all. The room was gray, large, it looked like a home but also a warehouse. Lennox moved away from me and walked over to a window that overlooked sand dunes.

”Where are we?” I asked, I felt a little stronger today, I could move my limbs better than I could in the cell and I could speak without running out of breath.

Lennox was robed in her Sith attire of course, her hood was down and her hair was actually tied back. Her hands were folded at her back as she looked out the window, which I could tell now where double doors that led out to a balcony. I glanced around, there wasn’t much in this room besides the bed I laid on and some shelving but that was all.

”I’m setting you free.” Was all she said, still never breaking her gaze from outside, “after our little chat a few months ago you fell into a coma, your body is still too strong to let you die. You’ll thank me one day for keeping you alive and force feeding you through tubes and I.V.’s.”

I blinked, did she say a few months ago? “Where are we?” I tried to get up but I had restraints that kept me to the bed, this would look rather odd to have someone walk in and see me tied to the bed, but Lennox did this for safety precautions, maybe I was stronger.

”At one of my old bases. But you will be glad to know your lover boy has found you, in fact he’s probably going to storm through those doors any minute now. His probes finally caught your signal and I’m handing you over..” Lennox finally turned to me and walked over. She held a vile in her hand, “this is your key back to vampirism…when Orion gets here I’ll give him to you but in order to keep you alive he will need this, and to get this, he needs to help me with something. We will see how much he loves you.” She slipped the vile into her pocket and walked for the door, “it was nice knowing you.”

Once she left I heard a familiar sound of Orion’s ship. It sounded like he came in a little hot and I could hear the engine immediately shut off. I heard Lennox call out to her men not to engage him, but to let him find her. My heart raced, was I finally free!? Was Orion really here to save me!?

The door opened and I smiled and started to tear up assuming it was him walking through the door, but it was one of Lennox’s men. He came over to me and used the end of his blaster to knock me out on the side of my head, and once again, everything was black.

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