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Project Pantheon part 2 {E.V.E. Defense Force part 3}

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The M.E.D.U.S.A

The Metallurgic Emulation Demobilizer Utilizing Saturated Acid .
Or Medusa Is a versatile all terrain unit. And excels in subterranean combat. It can manipulate metal at will as well as merg itself into the environment as if the earth was water and this makes it perfect for ambush. The twin heads of the snake can fire Acid or Venom They also both fire canons that cause anything they make contact with to Petrify

Demon Units
Useing VM stealth cores these are assassination units used in covert missions The six arms carry blades made from a rare metal found in the Hellscape. Even a paper thin cut from the metal will case death in a matter of moment. Seconds for beings that are holy or angelic in nature. This make the Demon unit very dangerous The tail doubles at a means to maneuver as well as a weapon with a hidden needle for silent kills.

Angel Unit MK1 {Enforcers.}
The Enforcer Angel units are made from a mix of materials found from many heavenly worlds of the gods They can withstand magic and detect residual energy left from spells or other forms of magic. They are Trackers an use their claws and bladed wings To sweep through anything that gets between them and their target.

Angel Unit MK2 {Archangels}

Like the enforcer the archangel is made from the same materials and can also sense magic energy even in small amounts. But it made for direct combat and could be considered being called a battle mage as it fight not only with its Sue Gen Axe and shield but can cast the powerful range of spells.

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