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Project S.E.E.D.S: Solar Exploration and Earth-shaping in Deep Space.

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A sub-project underneath the Kishimoto Space Initiative program responsible for the terraforming and colonization of previously uninhabitable celestial bodies, headed up by the Chief Science Officer herself. Originally the project was set to take place after the establishment of several more outposts and when the Security force had been bolstered enough to secure these colonies; but with the aggressive expansion of Olde Watch the timeline needed to be expedited.  

The KISH0103 Gabe-I-El heavy stealth frigate took to the 4th planet in the system, exploiting the same law that the Watchers were.  The Scientist activated the SEED beacon in port side cargo, having it transferred via automated dollies to the shuttle bay. The bay was depressurized and the beacon was released into high orbit, being pulled slowly at first then quicker as it was dragged into the gravity well of the celestial body. 

Once it passed the upper atmosphere and reached terminal velocity, the beacon triggered its mass effect field and made itself light enough that the air pressure was enough too slow the SEED down until it gently hit the ground. Once situated the device stepped into phase two, drilling itself into the ground half way then opening up like a flower to release a mess of flying drones, construction drones, and attack bots. 

Shortly a building made of insta-concrete had sprung up around the SEED beacon, then one of pre-fabricated steel, and another, until there was a series of buildings spawned together that showcased the beginning of a new colony. That brought a hidden smile on Kurai’s delicate features, watching her SEED bloom into a full blown colony.    

“Sir.” Captain Kishimoto had opened up a private, encrypted quantum entangled line directly with the C.E.O of Kishimoto Incorporated, Lucian Dimitrius Kishimoto. “Luci. Here’s the status update. Under the guise of Parley, Olde Watch moves within their legal limits to expand…Aggressively…” Kurai added, hoping that her boss would see things for the way they were 

“What do you suggest, Captain?” The emotionless tone of the Chief Executive Officer 

“Permission to expedite Project SEEDS? I’ll coordinate with MSF and other security forces to secure our investments. We can not allow Olde Watch forces to surround us on all sides without any kind of rebuttal.” 

The line was quiet for a few moments, Kurai focusing on piloting the Gabe into and through the atmosphere. The late patriarch of the Kishimoto Clan had taught her along ago that it was easier to ask for forgiveness rather than to seek permission.  Lucian either had no idea that Kurai had moved on without his permission, or in light of the situation it didn’t bother him. 

“Very well Kurai. You have my authorization to engage 2 SEED beacons. Be aware that if these outposts fail or are attacked, it’ll be on you.” A man of little words, Lucian cut the line after that. 

Now the amount of assets authorized caught the Captain by surprise, but it was pleasantly surprised as she did a quick review of the next planet for the next SEED. The 5th planet in the system was the largest, but also had no solid land in which to plant the SEED. While that could be worked around, the endless layers of gases creating a spiraling random landscape that can change from one extreme to another.  Once she got to the giant monstrosities that lived in the gas, the Captain elected that she’d much rather turn her attention to the moons. 

Of course she went for the biggest of the satellites around the gas giant, the 7th moon named Ganymede. While it was much easier to terraform a planet, this moon’s diameter trumped that of the 1st planet in the system; furthermore the position of this celestial body seemed advantageous. But before Kurai was able to park them in orbit, one of her passengers the Queen of Paracosm had requested voyage back to Hellifyno. 

In the interest of saving time, the Captain had that SEED loaded into the torpedo launcher. Extrapolating a proper flight path over the several thousand kilometers, the beacon was fired and forgot about as the Gabe reoriented itself and headed back in system.

In about 20 minutes or so, the beacon made purchase the almost weightless moon; digging slight into the surface and releasing its fleet of drones as construction went underway. While it might not have been much yet, these new positions should help Kishimoto Inc. both in the short term with Olde Watch and long term as their sphere of influence widened.


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