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Purged by Fire

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I step through the portal out of the tavern, back to the house. Cheeseburger in my mouth and four more in hand. A liter of vodka in the other hand and a newspaper tucked under my arm. Amelie, right behind me. “You go to bed dear…. I need to go check on something.” Is all I say before reaching into my pants pocket to grasp the marble that Michael had dropped when he got back into the tavern.

“aaaaly oop!” I say with a retarded grin, moving through the portal that instantly opens up back to Chalzan. I needed to go see what had happened to my planet in the two months I’d been gone. When I got there, it looked even deader then before; no surprise, the planet had felt part of it’s self die when the clone was murdered, that was only natural. I move towards the temple, my eyes going wide as I notice the even larger hole in the roof of it. “Great…. Another fucking cave in.”

I move towards the temple, spotting the pool of blood in the deserted town outside. A silverhide had been wounded here. I smell the air. “Silverhides….. Lasers, extreme heat…… A Hyandrian… Two; Yup, Weary and Nikki if I’m not mistaken….. And unmistakably Michael.” I smell at the air again, slowly. “The pups and the…. Laser dude, whoever the hell that was, fought here. Against….. Noth—- Elements? Did he really do it? Damn… Seems so.”

I nod lightly, starting to get a small grasp of what had happened here. I move towards the temple, seeing the pool of black blood outside, some of it still spiked upwards. “Michael and Vranka…. Unmistakable…. The blood, and this energy…. He put up a hell of a fight, but Michael…. Well done brother.” I smile, continuing past the doors. I put my hands to them and they quickly open, as if eager to do so.

I move down the hallway, smelling the air still as I move. “Weary and Nikki came through first….. The rest after….” I continue down the hallway; the exquisite hallway with gemstones lining the walls in intricate patterns. They seem to flicker with life as I walk by, as if overjoyed to see me still alive. The doors I pass are all made of precious earth-gems, as well as gold. They are all made so to represent one of the four elements. I then move into the grand chamber, stopping cold at the sight.

I stand there a little while, as if my mind is replaying the night’s events slowly. “So….. Weary and Nikki…. Good job. But, come now Weary? Pinned by a chair…. Although, why the fuck did that idiot throw the thrones?” My eyes narrow, sighing softly at that. The two chairs that the clone had thrown during the fight, one throne representing earth and one air; move back over to their correct locations, setting back into the stone there. “Much better.”

I look over at the pile of empty clothes and chuckle. “Soo…. His body does the same thing as mine does it? Self evisceration…. So crude, yet so effective.” I move over towards the pile of clothes and start rifling through them. I pick up the necklace, a small red hanging off the chain; and put it around my neck. I reach down and change out of my tattered, old clothes, and into the ones he had been wearing, the hole in the chest closing up quickly and easily. “I guess I can see why it was hard to tell…. My blood does cauterize instantly…. They would have never known it was blue….”

I then pick up my bandolier of pouches, stringing them across my chest like normal; from my left shoulder down to my right hip, a string of the things. I slide on my belt, slowly; and then put my gun on it where it goes. I then look to my rapier, silently. “So….. She remembered did she…. Well done Nikkita, well done.” I whisper, smiling almost at what she had accomplished; in synch with her husband that is. I pick up my rapier and slowly, hesitantly slide it into the sheath.

Then finally, I bend down and move aside a few of the fallen boulders, a grin on my face as I pick up my still unharmed staff, the crystal shining with sudden brilliance as it touches my hand again. “Yes, old friend. I am still well….. Thank you for looking after my stuff.” I then look around me to all of the rubble. I smile as, with a few simple waves of the staff, the rubble lifts itself back up to the roof, repairing most of the damage; but leaving a small hole still, for light of course. I then look around slowly before I remember something. “Oh…. If he did then I might be able to make it right….. Maybe”

I suddenly begin rifling through my pockets, looking, searching desperately. Then I find it, there in my left side pocket of the robes, was a small notebook. On the cover, it read “Property of Alexander Ambrosius Equinox. Private, keep out.” I smile softly, flipping open a few pages. But then my smile slips away to form into a scowl. “How could these assholes think I would do this shit?!” I growl, stepping back through another portal once I had found my stuff once again, grumbling as I disappear.

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