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Q&A About the Shop!

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Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! It’s come to my attention that some of you may be a little confused about the shop items that I have, and I will be answering any questions you have here! If you come up with one that I do not answer here, I ask that you put it in the comments and I will reply shortly!


So for starters, I’m currently working alongside my good friend and art partner Triangular-Prism Head. He does a lot of cool art both digital and traditional! He and I have actually been writing a cross universe piece for his characters and my own!

-Triangular-Prisim Head (Works Above)

As you can see above, his style is very different than my own! However, we work very well together. He loves my coloring and I love to color his art! So!

What does any of this mean for you? It means you can commission either HE or MYSELF  to draw your very own Characters! OC’s or even just characters you’re playing from your favorite franchises! Colored or not, the choice is yours!

How does this work? Well, before you buy from the shop you can Message me about any details you would want or added effects etc.

We are looking forward to illustrating your characters and seeing our community phase-out google images that only slightly represent your creativity!  We hope this way we can give back to our community and keep Rolepages nice and Healthy for more years of creativity to come!

Please add any additional questions, comments or concerns down in the comment section and I will make it a point to respond to each one! Thank you!


With Love,


                                                           Maiden Company Arts

    1. Will you consider doing YCH (Your Character Here) type of pictures?

      • Author
        Maiden Company Mercs 9 months ago

        Hi Sassy! Yes, I will consider it! I will actually try and post a new product under that title! I wonder if my partner would also like to part in this? 😮

        • I hope so. It would be so much fun. You can do it monthly and theme it to any holiday or special event that’s going on. You can have one or multiple chars into a photo. You both can decide the rules from there.

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