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R. I. P- Seras Elvira Victoria-Oddman –

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Seras was a warrior.. A apprentice of Horseman. She lived her life well, but she took a wrong turn.. Horseman had warned her she only had a few months to live.. Yet she had just a little more then a month. The war of Vampire V.S. Lycans interfeired with her life. Augustus Giovanni had tainted her with the Void.. It called to her, and she couldn’t deny her temptations. The Void filled her body, and told her she had to kill any and all Lycan. That night, November 6, 2011, she went onto that battle feild with a goal.. Kill all.. No wolf left behind.. As she attacked one, Xander came up to her. He helped her bring it down, and asked what side she was on. She screamed that she was killing all.

Xander attempted to help her, but seeing that she wasn’t going to snap out of it. They were all ready in a fight till death battle.. He had no choice but to kill her. So he had burned her sides, put a deep cut using a blessed silver sword into her chest, then severed her spinal cord. He then left her to bleed out.. By the time the Void had left the young girls body, it was too late.. She gave Xander her last wishes, “Tell Ryder that I love him..” and after he told her he would, she gave her small weak thanks and with that. She closed her eyes, and was gone forever.

There is still a reminder of her though.. The smell of her sweet vanilla ashes are spread across Horseman’s graveyard, right by the oldest tree. Her swords that Aali Nejem had made her now are peerched into the ground in the graveyard. They sit to show the brilliant blue glow.. Scarlet red spots on the blue blades. Her vanilla scent coiled around the swords..

Seras was still with them during the service, the young woman watching from the Heavens. She listened as Xander spoke:

This is all that remains of Seras “Oddman” Victoria. Valiant warrior and Hero of the Apocalypse. She died fighting. It may not of been the right fight, but a fight it was indeed. THIS! Is what happens when we listen to the call of the Void! This is what happens when we let a war tear us against eachother. It turns friend against friend and irreverable event unfolds! Let this moment serve as a constant reminder on why we must stand united! Let this remind us why we must fight the Void unceasingly, why we have to win. If we dont stop this war then more of us will die in battle! This must be stopped.. Don’t let her sacrafice be in vain.

Xander fell back into a tree and started to sob.. Seras frowned at it..Then Aali spoke:

To be honest, I cannot remember for the life of me how I met Seras Victoria. And I prefer it that way. I dont want to remember how we first met. I want to remember all the little moments. I want to remember her screaming at me for being horrible and not paying attention to my wife. You know, there’s one memory that stands out expecially well in my mind. I made her the swords that she used in battle. The one’s she died with. Afterward her mentor, Death, told her, “Its not the weapons that make the warrior.” She tried to give them back, but I told her, “No. You will use the weapons made for you. The weapons don’t make the warrior, they make her better.” And Death was right. The weapons do not make her a warrior. Her weapons did not save her. But I can say this. She was so much better then those blades. She was better then any craftsmanship. I could not have made something to match her. And now shes not here for me to tell her that. I miss her already.

Aali then fell backwards, toppling over a rock and starting to sob. Seras herself was crying as she watched this happen. She then started to watch as her father made a 21 soilder salute. She was shocked that he had even came. He then stepped forward to give his speach:

Lover, Daughter, Friend… I have lost all of these today, at the hand of my brother… Pain is not a word that can be presented here, this is not the time for pain, this is the time for sorrow, this is the time to remember. I met Seras on the feild of battle, as my sheild stood between her and eternity, as my body broke and shattered with the blows aimed at her, and I would not of had it any other way… We were wed shortly after the Void war, it was a time of new begginings… She was the cure for my inner darkness, the panacea for all my ills, I loved her.. With all my heart.. Things fell apart. But the love remained unbroken, we began to speak again, and it was that point that I adopted her. To be the father she deserved…. Or atlease I tried… As a father I mourn her now. Seras… I love you.

During the speach, her father broke down do his knees and sobbed. His soilders had to come up, and escort him away from the others..Then Eva spoke:

I remember the first time I saw you, everyone seemed to be intersted in the size of your breasts for some reason. People there confuse me, I think we only spoke a few times…but I felt like we have spoken longer, maybe that is just my abilty to see small detail….in any case, I am not saying goodbye, you are waiting for us somewhere, death is the start to your travels.

Eva simply stated her speach, then walked off… Aara rose and spoke:

Today…today, Seras and I were talking…and, she and I agreed how pain makes us stronger…So, today, through pain of losing someone we love and cheerish….We become stronger…. Through the loving memories and fighting through that pain…

Aara was cut off by Robert, just so he could speak again:

Seras was one of the best women I met, great smile, a laugh like a chime, and she could drink…. Oh how she could drink. She loved it when people were happy…. And the last shit I talked about with her was grim indeed, so by God, I stand at her grave. Im gonna smile, remember the good things, because no one is dead as long as someone smiles and remembers them. Sorrow Fades in the face of remembrance, Winston Churchill had the right idea when he ordered that Taps never be played from Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Instead they played Reveille. This is not night, this is morning, this is getting the fuck up time, this is the beginning of something else, something new, for her and for us, we do not possess the time to sit around and cry, and if the roles were reversed, neither would she… Amenous Deus, in nomine patris, at filli, et spiritus sancti.

Alicia Speach:

I knew Seras for my entire life… I was so close to her, as a child I though of her as a sister, a mother, and a best friend. To just come to realisation is hard, feeling like breath has left me. Seras was important to all of us here and to more. She was special in many ways. She was careing, loving, and never one to give up. Now its our turn. to take what she taught us and to learn and live. Remembering Seras as the bright smiling person she was. Here is so much about her we all loved. So much. But where she is now, there are less troubles. She is at rest. Odihneasc

?-se în pace, dragulmeu prieten.

Apple spoke quietly. Not much can hear:

Junior will be lacked. Fact not only we remember of his sacrifice, but in an important way the times she laughed and liked, the times she was Junior. Sleep in peace. Be at peace my Butterfly.That’s the literal.

Xander await for anymore final words.. When there was none left he started to spread the remains of Seras. After her ashes were spread, she appeared in a ghostly form ontop of them. She said her last words to them all, “I…I love you all.. I’m so sorry I failed you all by falling into the temptations of the Void. Something that I shouldn’t even of had a temptation for.. Goodbye everyone…” She then took Xander’s and Elva’s hands, she spoke to Alicia, “I love you Alicia, my child, may life give you the best.” Then with that. The spirit rose and was now gone forever.. Seras to never be seen again.


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  1. Laryka Dior 10 years ago

    *Plays with her lucky die, always waiting because she knows someone will step up and make her rich again.*

  2. æ Xena Vielle æ 9 years ago

    Xe-Xe luffles yew.


    But here’s some good news. Guess who’s on the way? 😉

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