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Ragnor the Barbarian, the warrior chief of the Eastern, Mountain, Michenga Clan

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The Michenga Nation began as a defensive alliance, formed between 5 related clans.

My honored ancestors arrived in what is now the Great Lakes Region of North America.They were a nomadic people, constantly on the move following the migrating herds that were the source of food clothing and shelter for the People.

A devastating extended drought lasting several decades , in approximately 12000 B C, had caused a mass migration out of North Eastern Asia.

Great herds of mastedon, giant bison, camels, and wild horses, left their natural plains, in search of precious water and new grazing lands.

The Michenga Clans followed the herds.

Their sworn enemy, the savage Mongols, a race of blood thirsty mounted warriors,also followed the migrating herds.

The flight from the dust bowl that had become much of the Asia land mass, led across the vast Steppes of Eastern Asia, across the Bering Straights, and gradually spreading across much of northern North America.

The Mongol allies were the wild packs of werewolves that acted as a hunting pack, picking off the fatest and slowest of the herds, consuming the choisest of the beating organs, and leaving hamstrung and wounded game for the Mongols to feast upon.

The final retreat of the glaciers had left the far northern tundra of the North American land mass, bereft of much vegitation and game. Starvation, and death pushed the herds of herbivores and sunsequently the predators south.

The Michenga were on a constant state of alert. The ancient wards of garlic and star matter had traditionally been a good defense against the dark predators, but apparently was more effective warding off vampires, while werewolves seemed to be better able to tolerate the magic.

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    1. Author
      Ragnor the Barbarian 2 years ago

      HUMANComment by Ragnor the Barbarian on July 26, 2009 at 4:44pm
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      The garlic keeps vampires away, but when werewolves eat garlic it lingers on their breath, giving my tribe advanced warning of their presense, also qarlic tastes good when we have a successful hunt and roast fresh meat
      Comment by Taegore The Ruthless on July 13, 2009 at 11:35am
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      yes garlic spells may protect your tribe from vampires, but the wolf has other weaknesses. By the way…. you may notice one or two of your tribesmen missing. We had to recruit a few more members to the pack.

      HUMANComment by Ragnor the Barbarian on July 12, 2009 at 3:00pm
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      Our people have always been extra vigilant about werewolves. We carry special hexes to ward off the savage hunters. They were made of garlic and infused with a magic from our ancestors who came from the stars.
      Comment by The Cheshire Cat on July 12, 2009 at 2:43pm
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      everything is chaos when meat is what you seek
      Comment by Taegore The Ruthless on July 12, 2009 at 1:23pm
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      Unfortunately for them… the werewolves followed the herds as well. Even as the humans used all of their mastery of craft and technology to hunt, still the fattest, juiciest bucks were always denied them… because the werewolves hunted the land, and their skill was superior still.

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