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Rain Follows

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There has always been something wrong with me. Something that made me different and misunderstood. When I was just a newborn, my mother knew I was going to be different from the get go. She wasn’t wrong. What is it, you may ask? What is it that makes me different? To put it simply…it’s the rain.

Before my brother was born, my mother was a hard worker. She barely had time for me, let alone herself after she came home. I didn’t have any friends, or even a neighbor that enjoyed my company. I didn’t have a father, either. I only had myself, the rain, and my mother on occasion.

When Kelrin was born, my mother had to work even harder. And that’s when I didn’t have her anymore. I only had myself, the rain, and my younger brother. That’s all. Kelrin was born normal. Not a drop of peculiarity in his blood, save for his personality. That’s why I like him as much as I do. I think he’s the only one that could ever make me smile.

You see… wherever I go, the rain follows me. It always has, even when I was just a little girl. No one wanted to be in the rain, so no one wanted to be around me.


Why, you ask? Why does the rain follow me? I’m not full mortal. Not a mere human. The rain. The thunder. The lightning. It all follows me, because of who my father is. Zeus.

I know I’ll never be normal. The rain follows me wherever I go. The only person who has ever truly understood me is Kelrin, my baby brother. But I think, deep down, he knows that one day we’ll grow apart. It’s how most siblings are, right?

And when we do grow apart….the only thing that I’ll have left is myself and the rain. Because the rain will always follow.

  1. Pepper smiled at Tony in love. But as he reached for something in his pocket she looked surprised and blinked more then once rather fast as the white jewelry box he’s now holding in front of her. 

    “Is…Is this a..” Even Pepper was finding it hard to talk. She just stared that box down, as if expecting it to open on it’s own any second now. ” I mean..Are you sure Tony? I don’t want to trap you in a commitment of any kind if you feel like you still got some playboy in yourself by any chance…You know?” She looked back at him now, fully focused on his answer to come. Her heart is racing as she stays seated on his lap so naturally. 

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