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Reasons without Rhyme

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“Where are we going and why aren’t we there yet?” Sashii snapped as she followed her brother and their master down the darkened corridor.

Lii’oun turned his head slightly toward her as he continued carefully. “Patience, sister. Kuu never drags us somewhere unnecessary… unless, of course, she is indulging one of your tantrums or blood frenzies,” he said. Sashii huffed and growled slightly. 

Cöupurr did not speak, probably because she was bored with indulging either of them at the moment and was content to let them just mouth off to each other as usual. She also had a goal, a purpose. They had driven deep into the dark underbelly of one of the many, many hells. It was a maze of underground labyrinths and mazes that stretched on for eternity. Only fools and damned dared traverse them and right now, she supposed she would be reasonably considered both.

The corridor widen and she stopped abrupty. Lii stopped short, as well, but Sashii rammed right into him. While they were grumbling and picking themselves up off of the ground they noticed her approach a fork in the path. “Which are we taking, Master Kuu?” asked Lii seriously, though Sashii had yet to be able to not laugh any time she heard him call their master that.

“Neither.” said Cöupurr, walking straight up to the divide between and pressing her index finger to the reddish black stone. The walls shook and the stone seemed to groan where she touched it, splitting apart and opening into a doorway of pure blackness.

“What in the hells is that?!” Sashii yelled, upset because she thought they’d be crushed for a moment and got supremely pissed the more afraid she was.

“Perfection.” answered Kuu and she walked into it. The siblings blinked at each other a moment and then followed her inside. 

Within it they screamed as they fell into emptiness for a moment before they were suddenly standing on solid ground… in a lit room. They weren’t surprised by the light, per say, but the type of light. One would naturally expect hellfire or some such, but instead of those, brilliant flickering Fae Fire lit the walls, floating along it as though each ball of brilliance had a life of its own, which they may very well have, and would explain why, upon closer inspection, small silver chains held them bound near the walls all of the way down the hall. They assumed that their master had gone forward and continued, as well.

At the end of the corridor, yes the end of endlessness they found a door, but it didn’t look like a hell door. Not to say they have a particular look, but everything about this door screamed Fae, just like the lights. They shrugged at each other and gave it a push and… nothing happened. Lii smacked himself in the face, grabbed the handle and pulled and the door opened. They peered inside and blinked until their eyes adjusted. Kuu stood in the center of a strange room. It wreaked of Fae here and the moment they stepped inside the door slammed shut and then just vanished. Kuu’s body was wreathed in green light as they approached and they blinked at her, but didn’t touch. 

She took a deep breath and started forward. At the center of the room was an object, a circlet held in a halo of Fae Flame, bright, ever-changing and deadly. Lii sucked in a breath, concerned, but didn’t speak out against his master’s wishes. Sashii was not so silent. “Kuu! What are you thinking?! Damn it you’re a demon and as awesome as you like to THINK you are that WILL kill you, or worse.” she said angrily, feeling her master’s stupidity at this point defied words but felt the need to speak some anyway.

Cöupurr stepped to the flame and through it, the brief moment of intense strain nearly breaking her concentration and throwing her off, in spite of her preparation. The siblings looked shocked. Smiling, she reached for the circlet and wasted not a single moment in putting it on, though she had to get crafty to get it around her horns. Once it was in placed it glowed brightly and then the Fae fire faded from the room completely, leaving only darkness. 

Cöupurr conjured a simple flame into her palm and the light illuminated her proud smirk devilishly. Lii was the first to speak. “That should not have been possible for a demon.” he simply stated.

“I’m more than just a demon, Lii. I thought the light I conjured would have been proof of that.” she answered walking back towards them.

“Well what are you then?” Sashii asked, annoyed by her master’s secrets.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m half fae and half yama. Certain types of the youma and fae are quite compatible, as it turns out, and it was theorized that children born of them would be more powerful than regular yama. The claim was not unfounded.” she said walking just past them and leaving them to stare at the back of her head for the moment.

“If that is true, then why are they not replacing the regular yama on the battlefield?” Lii’oun asked solemnly  thinking purely of how much aid it would be to the cause. His gaze was brought back up when she turned slightly towards him and a twisted smirk lit her features.

“Because Lii,” she started, “We are difficult to control. We are, after all, a mixture of two separate  but equally in their own way insane, sources of power and chaos. As such, know this. I don’t do what I do for our people, or anyone’s orders. I do it because it’s fun and devouring the weak bores me. I do it because there is strength in our enemy and I yearn to taste it.”

Lii’oun and Sashii both smiled. They did enjoy their master’s mad company and this was why.

“What’s the tiara for?” asked Sashii finally.

“It’s a circlet and it helps me resist mind control and suggestion. Causes crazy magical interference for anyone who tried to enter the wearers mind, or so I’m told. Since I detest orders… I thought it was a good investment.”

“Alright… now, how do we get out of here?” she asked.

Cöupurr quirked a brow, “Um, the door, maybe?” she said and behind them, just from nowhere, was a door. It had definitely not been there before. Kuu opened it and before they knew what was happening she’d pushed them in. They all three ended up back in their little hidden palace in a small chunk of some deserted level of hell.

The sibling blinked at each other and then looked at Cöupurr. She just smiled back at them and smiled wickedly as she asked, “So, either of you thirsty? I hear there is this nice little out-of-the-way tavern that has everything and I’m curious to test that.”

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  1. Surreal Sadis 9 years ago

    Surreal realized he was waiting on her and she took a bite of morning pastry. It was exquisite as always. She winked to Mathew, a playful grin on her lips. “Your wife is a goddess in my kitchens, tell her thank you again for me?”

    Mathew nodded and blushed on his wife’s behalf, knowing what pleasure she took in a job well done. “Thank you, Your Grace. It is our honor, to be sure.”

    Nodding, she turned her attention back to Lavi, noting with humor that his plate was empty. “Hells, Lavi! Where did you put it all?!” Surreal laughed, in a playful mood this morning. She ate her own plate down a bit and then gave him her full attention. “Have you had any formal magic training? Last night your magic felt… painfully restrained. I would know why. This is, “She looked around the glass room lovingly, “a place of magic. For you to make the most of this as a home, you need to be able to bend and shape the veil to your will. If you were never trained to do so… then I will teach you now.”

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