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Rebuilding (small Twine Update – Post FaE)

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Finally. Took it a little while, but they finally did it. Twine was free from its madness. Like the rest of the world, the FaE invasion, and the plaguing madness, was over. No longer did the streets run rampant with over stuffed teddies made of deformed corpses, or stacks of Elephants many numbers tall falling onto buildings, or wild grinning stabbing flying creatures of a mad sort, twisting and turning, deforming the landscape, the homes, the livestock, even the people, to suit their needs better. That was their way, their will, their force.

But then, a solution; one that shook the world for no less than 2, fairly frightful days, distorting the magic quantities of reality, hitting those most magical of places hard, and the world along with it, harder still. Nevertheless, with the peoples combined efforts, and those of the few who did some magical fetus thing, the world was regaining its surplus, and for the moment, it could look forward to peace, at least for now. But back on the Twine mainland, it wasn’t so much a celebratory victory, not just yet.

The poor island of Portals, aiding in the spread of madness far and wide, had since been ransacked by the FaE. Mountains were shaved and bruised; the landscape was bulged and twisted in many deformed piles; forest churned and drained; snowy landscapes burnt and strewn, and the City of Twine was battered and beaten. The obelisk in the centre had regained its natural state, but much work was needed to be done. And finally being able to effectively help the citizens of which he calls home, Kaler was there to direct the efforts to rebuild their proud city of Portals, a lengthy but nonetheless possible task

All throughout the battered and madness-torn streets of buildings lined with blood, rubble, and scorched remains, there were relief efforts. Those who managed to remain hidden, safe, with rations now brought in to satiate the masses; helpers brought from other places, from the Island of Kili Toda even, thanks to Kaler, to assist with terraforming works on the bulged lands, to reshape them back to their former rich and vibrant appeals.

The ogres, once mad and rampaging, had since been calmed down, and began their own efforts of clearing out the rubble that coated the once wealthy walkways, and turned and toppled anything that stopped them from reaching those few still stranded, whilst they and others began their work to rebuild the structures and walls lining the City.

Teddies ran about issuing orders, all whilst the Solarian himself went to and thro, from one side of the City to the next, helping out here, organising there, generally just helping the people to slowly, cut surely, rebuild themselves. He had been told, much to his exhausted relief, that the once mad, Butchering Goddess was indeed alive, but not so well, thanks in part to the grotesque amount of flesh consumed in their mad state, and was for now resting up in the medical wards, deeper into the less affected parts of Twines City. He would have to visit her sometime, but for now, he helped and lead the efforts to cleanse the lands in her name, with her Teddy supervisors.

Even from the south of Twine, the Grimvale Islands under the issue of Abel, sent over Dragons of many sorts, to help out with the more heavy duty tasks of lifting and ferrying that the Ogres could not do. Portals were used, however lesser; the Island perhaps still had to heal itself up before tuning its magic back to high frequency again.

It was slow, it was traumatic for some, it was heartbreaking for others; even the Ogres at times seemed to question their motives, without being as intellectual as the others there. At times, everyone present, including Kaler, gave respect to those who succumbed to madness, and to their Goddess Kida, for they would soon see her healthy and fruitful again, so they hoped. As for Kaler though, he felt he should talk to her personally. The words from that Other guy still bugged him; they couldn’t be all right….right? A brief sigh, as he currently ferried around tall sacks of bricks and building materials. He wasn’t angry with anyone, besides the FaE; not Kida no. But….he just needed to be clear of the confusion. Soon he hoped, soon…*




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