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Reincarnation of the Broken.

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Those were the words that confirmed what was possibly even worse than meeting the Devil himself. What was first a meeting to confirm suspicions, had turned into a deal with a powerful Witch. A psychic, of sorts, struck a deal with the man. And never did Sinh realise that he’d throw himself so far down into his own mind, that his own despair would grip him in such a way. Despair of what he’d just done, and just how it’ll all play out in the end.

Sinh ended up finding things he never wanted to find again. Things that should’ve remained as they were – dead, and broken. Nothing but scraps of memories. But after he had struck the deal with her? It all seemed to turn back. Time seemed to reverse, and what was once broken inside the man, repaired itself. Inner demons were one thing. Past memories were another, and slowly being reminded of all of them, one by one? Brought out something terrible.

Iblis was a devil. Loving any and all sin. And when the Mercenary went through the pain of remembering everything? It was when the Devil struck, and the Mercenary broke in two. This wasn’t Sinh, anymore. Sinh had ended up dying as he glanced back at his memories, and they all continued to pile and pile. Sinh’s threshold was snapped. And Iblis decided it was best to take the steering wheel – if not for just some time? Then for a long time. As the man had found himself broken inside.

His voice was being drowned out. Sinh had no opinion or say anymore. And the Devil. Iblis. The one he had taken in order to become powerful, fulfilled his price of taking what he wanted. A new home.

Sinh Marol ended up becoming a memory in Iblis’ head. 

The mercenary was drowned out.

The Devil was now back.

Unhindered, and in full control.

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