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Renewing Act IV (Nation Reborn Arc) Chapter 2:Part 4

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Again, I’ll put the link to the original one in the comments and yes I’m doing a second one so I dont mess things up

Signatures To Amend:

X:Alyssa Hageshi 

X:Jasupa Astua-Novu 

X:Lily Sagestone

Article One

In the event of a Marchioness taking a break due to there own personal reasons, the line of power will temporarily shift to the Marquess, Vice Maiden or any family member willing to fill in

If at the point of this happening, If the Current Marchioness passes away due to reasons and the heir or only child is over the age of 16-18, they may inherit the throne or temporarily swear in the Vice Maiden or Groom

Article Two

In the event that another nation needs to take refuge in Hagistead or the Federation of Isa, they are more than welcomed to, however the term is that you do not bring the conflict into the nation, you fight it outside of Hagistead 

Also for people who come here as refugees, you are more then welcome to stay here until further notice

Article Three

By One Of Queens Acts called Newfound Currency, we must legalize this system to Hagistead’s system, in the code of The Capital, the Archives Of Hagistead / Federation Of Isa shall be required to handle keeping tabs on its currency 

The Households must combine the adults currency and report there earnings and spending through the head of the house


Gold – 0.1

Peridot – 0.5

Pearls – 0.10

Sapphires – 0.25


Green Diamonds – 1

Purple Diamonds – 2

Orange Diamonds – 5

Yellow Diamonds – 10

Pink Diamonds – 20

Red Diamonds – 50

Blue Diamonds – 100

Article Four

History such as logs, books or reports made by the Guardians or the Government of Hagistead / Federation Of Isa shall be place inside of the high security part of the Archives located in the Pinkadow Channel 

No one without clearance may touch these or read them


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