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Reorginazing Asteroid Falls [Skymoon Ancestors Arc] Chapter 2:Part 5

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A/N:This is for @hellborn-child who is there child of Skyler and also influenced to be with June Summeroses

Asteroid Falls, a new settlement under a Monarch Aristocracy Government, rebuilding there old world which was lost to the 3 Sided Collision Of There Home Planet (Pre-Gemival Refugees Arrival)

(Note the Names Are Pre-Decided, I might also explain the 7 Relics Of Amberia-Comet Family Tree)



The Capital Town Of Asteroid Falls, where new walls are being built around the settlement and the city holds the history of there old world as the Seven Relics were there:Balance, Hatred, Power, Ashes, Guidance, Starlight, Exile


This Town is more to left of Asteroid Falls, has more of the crimes where most of Bandits lie. Home To The Rivals Canyon which is dark Sandy stone red


Home to most of the people of the Settlement who are citizens, many ancient trees surround the small village of Houses


Home to the Health Department, Guardian Department, Justice Department, Bussiness Department, Vehicle Department and Local Department


The Cold and Wintery Town Of Asteroid Falls, near the Northern Cap Of Cadzenziera. This Town is mostly known for its snow with thunder storms


This is mostly where the leaders of Asteroid Falls have there trading area and elegant speeches, also a great piece for tourism


The Land is where they protect the livestock from bandits where farms of beautiful crops, the livestock is also sold to people who the farmers do background checks on

    1. Hope Estheim 1 month ago

      Beg your pardon, but… you might wanna go back and proofread this and previous posts that you have made.
      Just a suggestion.

    2. Author
      Skyler J. Yatsuki II 1 month ago

      Why is that

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