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Rescue Mission – October 11, 2009

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Originally posted October 12, 2009 at 5:38am

As you all know, the heroes of Hellifyno have been forced underground beneath Retribution Rock, setting up a makeshift resistance headquarters as a base from which to strike back against Leonard Malcolm Cross and his hordes of slayers. Refugees and survivors trickle in at a slow pace, drawn by the magical beacon that pulls all those with faerie souls towards the secret hideout, urging them to come and be safe.

Upon coming to realize that one of the regulars, Alaina, had not yet trickled into the Cheshire Cat Tavern to make her presence known, Synful decided to set off looking for her. Unheeding of the warning to leave the headquarters only in pairs or groups, Synful set off by herself on Saturday evening to comb the topside for Alaina.

The next day, during his patrols and scouting, Kayion came upon a disturbing scene. He discovered the dead bodies of several slayers, blood stained into the ground and obvious signs of a struggle. What disturbed him about this was not the bodies of the hated slayers, but what had been left behind. The scimitar with the sparkling blue jewel at the tip, and the jewel-encrusted dagger lying in the dirt, discarded, told Kayion that Synful had been taken against her will. She was never seen without these two weapons, particularly the scimitar, which she seemed to treat almost like an extension of herself.

Later that same evening, after a short rest at the tavern and speaking with the others for any sign of Synful, Kayion set off to patrol again. He took to the skies and circled the area near where the scuffle had taken place, and finally he was rewarded, though the sight was dreadful to behold. The slayers had set up a death camp no more than two miles to the northeast of Retribution Rock, a square facility surrounded by barbed wire, with guard towers every hundred feet or so. Buildings were around the perimeter, covered thickly with slayers training guns down on a central courtyard which seemed to be filled with at least five hundred magical captives. As he flew above the scene, his hawk eyes picked out the forms of both Synful and Alaina as a sudden burst of activity fluttered below. Prisoners lurched forward and gunfire and lasers began to rip through the crowd as a sudden rebellion started up.

Kayion wheeled away from the scene and rushed back to the tavern to get the cavalry. He tore through the door and screamed that he had found their comrades, and that they were leading a revolt and needed help. The heroes flood out of the tavern and make their way with haste to the unfolding scene.

Synful and Alaina had gotten most of the prisoners into the supply depot where their clothing, weapons, and personal items were being stored. The naked prisoners had begun to dress and prepare for escape, but the slayers had turned their guns inward and were firing heavy artillery at the building they were hiding in, causing it to shake to its core, the windows being blown out by gunfire and lasers as the slayers attempted to cease the revolt. Synful blew a hole in the wall of the building, knowing they needed to escape and that they couldn’t run back out the front door. Captives began to pour out of the area just as the rescuers from the tavern showed on the horizon, coming down full force on the slayer encampment with all of their powers.

The slayers were forced to turn their efforts to two fronts as they were attacked from within and without, and prisoners began to flood out of the fenced in area as Raelin dissolved holes in the fencing for everyone to escape from. Synful, backed up by Alaina, circled around until she could see the line of determined slayer soldiers, headed by Marcus Ghast, the leader of this particular death camp. Furious, Syn sent her power into his mind, liquifying his brain and sending the evil man crashing to his knees, his last words whispering out “Kill…them…all…”

Chaos was erupting around them everywhere and they turned to run, to escape, as tanks began to roll up on the camp and the ominous sound of planes began bearing down on the area. The slayers were taking heavy losses from the force of the attacks brought on by the heroes from the Cheshire Cat Tavern, but the prisoners themselves were also dying by the fistfuls as everyone scrambled to get them free. The planes began dropping anti-magic gas across the encampment, forcing everyone to flee back to the safety of the caverns.

Kayion had taken the form of a dragon during the fight, and towards the end was shot down by a tank, landing somewhere in the woods far off in the distance, later discovered to have lost his entire left arm, which was partially healed by the placement of a phoenix tear, and then restored to full function by his own magic and a great amount of effort.

Vincent had been flying through the air, destroying towers and planes alike, when he was suddenly smashed into by a suicide flyer, being surrounded instantly by the deadly magical gas and falling to the ground. The planes dropped more gas around his lifeless body and the deadly toxin seeped into his flesh, melting his atoms into ash and scattering even the ash into smaller, useless particles, destroying him entirely.

Daloki, having attempted to hang behind for the last straggling survivors, was also gassed, but being human herself, was unaffected but for a hacking cough and a sickly, disgusted feel that radiated through her body. She was forced to crawl most of the way back to the hideout, avoiding slayer patrols as best she could, until finally Synful and Alaina came to rescue her and carry her back to the caverns. In the process, Synful also became slightly infected with the sickness, but her human body and the only slight contact allowed her to continue functioning long enough to get them into refuge.

150 of the 500 prisoners were saved, and are now safely housed in the cavern system. Vincent Sindrullen is being heavily mourned by his beloved Liliya, and his valiant efforts are being praised as he sacrificed his very life to secure the safety of the captives.

God himself removed the sickness from Daloki, upon the beseechings of Dameon D’rakan, but warned that this would be the only time that he directly intervened…

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