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*So, just another ordinary day right? Kaler woke up feeling refreshed, invigorated, ready for another day on his Job at Twine, ready to ferry things around in the trade-agreements that the Island Continent has with placed in and around Hellifyno; despite having the wide access to portals; and have a thoroughly good day! Well, not that much of an ordinary day, as, well, he took a ship sailing to Persistence for a delivery especially to Jerry, when suddenly big reality marble warping time happens, and on comes a giant planet-wide Military Force known as the “Empire of Britannia”. Now for a moment Kaler was a bit confused; he had never heard of /his/ Britain taking up arms, though of course this wasn’t the case in Hellifyno, this was a Class Card; that much he had learnt in his various snooping around. And now? Well Kaler had, more or less, let himself be captured and taken from said sailing ship, allowing the crew to be left unharmed in favour of the one who “looks weird” commented a Britannia police executive. So on goes Kaler, within the confines of a Police transport vehicle, with 4 guards spaced on each corner of the truck space, Kaler in the middle, moving alongside a cliff-face*

*He seemed to be slumped in almost sorrow inside of said truck, pondering on his next motives. He heard he was being taken to a major convoy of Britannia fleet ships for interrogation he guessed. One thing that did worry him though: Anthem. He had very well seen the advertisement not long ago, that Hellifyno’s Scion had whimsically taken up arms with the Empire. Now of course, Kaler believed the whole thing a Lie that she gladly took up arms; he could see it in her eyes, something, but not her, mind control maybe? Either way, she was with them for now, which made openly attacking he guessed, very hard to do without breaking anybodies morales. He wondered; what were the others doing about it? Namely, Chey and whoever else she could find. Gosh he hoped she were alright, being forced to see her lover taken over like that*

*Did Kaler feel at all sad? Loosing morale? Loosing hope? Well, somewhat yes, as he saw no easy end to the whole rule as a whole. However, one thing did benefit him; this army was Human based. There were no purely Magic things in their arsenal as far as he could see, just technologically enhanced Human weaponry; something he had all the right history with coming from one of the many Earths where his /own/ country of Britain had made technological strides, thanks to him in fact. So, instead of downright hopeless, Kaler saw determined opportunity. Perhaps, he could keep himself back from the Emperor, but efficiently dwindle his forces outright. Perhaps lessen the damages and even the odds behind the lines. He had a feeling Twine would be invaded soon, so the least he could do would be to lessen an invasion force. Now, his own morals still stood; he wished to Gods even that he didn’t have to openly kill people. But, he recounted Shielder; it was that Reality Marble playing with their space. The soldiers were real, but would cease to exist after the card was gone. With this insight, and his own hopeful attitude to helping others, he saw past his fears for the moment, at least openly. He had to play a part, he needed to, and he /would/ play a part*

*But first he had to get out of here, so despite what had been said by the guards, he coughed, rather loudly, hands being cuffed behind his back* “Alright…short story long I’m gonna set myself free…so either you can stop the truck now, or I’ll stop it my-” “Silence boy! You have no authority to speak. This is your last warning.” *One of them spoke as they drew their guns, aiming them at his Brain, Heart, and body in general. He sighed; he didn’t like it, but violence it would be. Heck, he had planned to break out anyway* “Alright then…if you insist…” *He said, as he lent up, moving to stand* “Last chance boy!….One!” *Kaler didn’t care for the counting, instead seemed to look around idly. In fact he was looking around with Super-Vision, scanning the outside; they were on a cliff-face, hanging under lush green plains and positioned to pass round a curve over a strategically placed naval ship* “Two..!” *Kaler sighed; he knew this had to happen, he had to play a role like this, his strength practically demanded it. So, he pushed the fears away for now, raised a foot, and before they had time to shout, he answered: “Three.”

*Everything next, happened surprisingly quickly. Just as the guards went to fire their weapons, Kaler drove his foot down with monstrous force. A great creaking and crunching of metal is heard, as the floor’s ripped open, and both of his feet plant onto the road below, dragging for a moment, before he plants them down firmly onto the tarmac. A split second later, the trucks forward momentum causes the entire vehicle to be strained by Kalers sudden show of un-natural force, causing the mobile truck to be wrenched down the middle and split into, still carting forwards at speed. Sadly for the driver, this force had jolted the buckles of the rear wheels to one side, stirring the Jeep-like truck into a panicked spin, before it was sent through a fencing line, hurtling down the cliff below. 10 seconds of falling later, said Jeep slams into the exposed, open hatch of the Vertical Missile Launcher head first into the rocket, causing a tremendous explosion, rocking the cliffs, as the ship was crippled purely by accident, rendering it useless as it began to sink into the blue*

*Meanwhile, back at the crash site, Kaler stood, after stumbling just a bit, covered in broken and dented shards and plates of metal and oil, though soon shrugged off by the Alien. He glanced around…at the destruction he caused, the madness behind it. He looked down for a moment, at his feet, with a hefty sigh. He guessed, it was the right thing to do in the end. This madness had to be stopped, if not by him then by someone else, but he’d do what he could in the sidelines for now. Where to go now though he thought…perhaps just out to sea, maybe there’d be a convoy of sorts, if this ship was stationed here by itself. So, with a hefty kick in his stride, Kaler leapt up to the cliff wall, and bounced quite hastily off of it, making a crater-like dent as he soared out to the oceans beyond, searching for something to harsh in favour of the Hellifyno fighters*

*Soon enough, he found just that. Off the shores of Persistence did lie a small duo of Naval Vessels. It was seemingly comprised of 1 Aircraft Carrier, and 2 Destroyers, lined up in a sequenced formation on the outskirts of the strategic line one assumed would be in place between shoreline and convoy. From the looks of it, from his rather high up view point, Kaler could see about half a dozen fighters lining up after touching down on the left ship of the 2. Seems they were preparing for another raid eventually. Well, he probably wouldn’t make it to help, but he darn well could begin to harass LeLouch’s forces*

*But before he did, he…began to think…why did he feel so…wrong? He felt like he was ready, he /should/ be ready, but something just felt…bad. Was it his morals coming into play? Probably; he tried his hardest never to fight anyone unless he absolutely needed too….and did they need to? Perhaps, like the Class Cards of old, it would all resolve soon enough? ….no, he had to do this, do anything; he remembered the Class Cards before; everything restored after killing, the enemies disappeared; that helped with his moral conscious at least a bit. He also came to realise; Anthem had been mind controlled…if he let himself get near an invasion, might the same happen to him? Perhaps, it was for the best that he simply harsh the weapons for the time being. Well, here goes…*

 *The boats were quiet as they rolled against the gentle currents of the seas off of Persistence. Few men idled about on the airstrip, save for the few mechanic workers fixing up aircraft ready for their next flights and targets. All seemed peaceful, the war-machine polishing itself off for another successful run at invading the planet of Hellifyno. Though, to the confusion of a pair of soldiers on the runway, they would happen to look up at the sky to see….something, falling towards them. They exchanged glances, then back to the dot in the sky; it grew steadily bigger, and bigger, moving at quite the speed. One of them spoke up, before the tragic turn of events* “Is that…a boy-” *No more could be said of the soldiers, as the object came right down to earth, and positively ploughed himself down feet-first into the runway of the ship. Metal plating and tarmac alike would dent, tear, rip and crack with a sickly “CRUNCH”, whilst below the same thing came about, more metal walls, plating, a few doors, electrical equipment, all of it in one straight welled column; forcibly pushed apart by the insertion of a single, 6′ tall boy ploughing into them at considerable speeds*

*At first, the ship swayed and rocked, almost buckled in two from the sheer tonnage of force knocked upon its chassis; the metal behemoth groaned and shock, like an Earthquake hit out at sea, but waves were left mostly undisturbed. As explosions rang out in the hull of the Aircraft Carrier, and water began to seep into the stern, under the waves was Kaler, quickly changing his positioning by ‘flying’ through the salty expanse, to the Destroyer parked nearby. One would note, that alarms had began to ring out on the ships, but over what was unknown; the boy moved too fast to be seen either way. Now he would pull the next part of the quick, violent attack; he felt here that the ships should be sunken, in order for the damage to be dealt. So, he would hover through the waves underneath the parked Destroyer, before moving up to plant his palms against the underbelly, fingers gripping and denting into the metallic plating*

*With his hands secure, he would begin to fly upwards. To the crew of said Destroyer, what was once a calm ocean feeling began to become a feeling of…upward momentum? It was as if the ship began sprouting wings, or gained additional flight tech, and flew up into the air, perhaps saving them from the ‘thing’ which practically ripped apart its flagship. In reality? Kaler was lifting; yes, /lifting/ the entire Destroyer into the air above sea level, a struggle at first, but turned into quite the easy task once he focused on it better. What was he feeling? Something felt…fiery in his soul, like he had needed to let loose for a long, /long/ while. Was he going insane? Goodness no, but perhaps killing enemies who seemed to function like those in a Video-Game, but real life, gave him that sense of adrenaline his subconscious mind had been loathing for for a while. I mean, it’s not everyday a boy who’s mind always gets washed with timidness and shyness, to be able to let off steam without feeling too bad for it…he guessed? Either way, this was happening, time to seal the deal*

*Very quickly the panicking Navy Crew would begin to feel gravity shifting towards the front of the boat, as it was pivoted sideways and angled increasingly downward, aiming directly to the now sinking Aircraft Carrier. What he was to do next was obvious, as all too soon he held it aloft, only to next barrel downwards, grunting against the weight he carried, dragging the Destroyer through the air, before dropping it, stern-first, into the bow of the Carrier. The ships collided, people shouted but they were all the more muffled by the groaning, creaking, and tearing of the ships hulls as they rammed together in a way never akin to ships of their calibre. And then, the explosions. Gods they were huge, ringing out in circular motions, rings of shock-waves emanating round as various tanks of fuel and munitions went up in flames, igniting further more munitions and armaments. Before long, both ships were alight and breaking to the point of scrap, the Destroyer’s bow now pivoted down into the water as it hung from the slanting Carrier. Over the course of the next 10 minutes, both ships would sink further, and further, before enough explosions had come about them, to forcibly rip both ships into a decent 2-3 pieces each, killing off and vanishing the crews to the depths of the Card they came from, as metal and electronics alike sunk to the murky depths of Hellifyno, never to be seen again…*

*Soon enough, the air fell silent once more, save for the typical gusty sea winds that forever rolled across the endless expanse of blue. All was as it should be; calm oceans and rolling waves, sunlight shining from above and clouds rolling peacefully overhead. Then, there was Kaler. Hovering over said waters, glancing downward at the mess of still afloat sea-wreckage. His head was held, but not because he mourned the deaths he committed, no. It was more or less….due to himself. He looked at his hands, fists flexing gently; such power he held within his hands, his feet, his mind…but he was so afraid of using it. And now, he had handedly sunken 2 multi-tonne metal behemoths within the span of 30 minutes or less….what was wrong with him he thought? Could he really do nothing without feeling so strange? Why did it have to be him? Him of all people, to have been gifted such unimaginable power, and yet, never know how or when to use them…. Maybe one day he’d understand a bit more clearly, maybe….he took a large gulp of fresh sea air, and exhaled, clearing his confusion for the moment as best he could. This was not the time to get so conflicted, he knew that. He’d have to do his best to dull his thoughts, and focus on the now. Now was the time to harsh LeLouch’s forces, and if Kaler would go it alone, so be it*

*And so, the boy had left the scene to be…well, as it should be. Calm waters of endless blue, masquerading as a Planet turned to War, possibly not the first time though he wouldn’t have known. Where had he gone? Well, off to find more he guessed…after all, where there is war, there is always-*





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