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Restoring Jadia Bay {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 2:Part 2

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A/N:This is to be slightly interreactive between Characters I have created, and slightly like a character sheet

The Merchant Village was Rachel’s, now it has collasped between the ashes of Nathan Valley which turned into Jadia Bay and Hopeswind

Jadia Bay was governed under the Cadzenziera Version of Democracy aka Lordarchy which has these following Branches

The Ruling Family Branch

This allows the family not be limited but there is a Lordress, Sir and Hier to the ruling power. This branch has command over everything but they can delegate the powers out but they have final say in anything and the future stuff cannot be overturned

The Delegations Senate Branch

The Senate Of Delegations is relatives or selected people by the ruling family to assist in the rule of Jadia Bay

The Citzens Voice Branch

Not everyone deserves power to voice there say however they are the weakest of the three but able to help influence the good and purge the bad


Rezoning Jadia Bay

The Settlement needs new or old relived town areas so here I’ll explain it

~Merchants Gulf {Near The Actual Gulf Of Merchants} The Capital Town of Jadia Bay, home to the ruling Family branch and many of the government buildings and other important things

~Aurorahaven {The Trading & School area} The Town Capital when Lizzy/Ice ruled before the capital, Lizzy suggested that it be finished by Illy so her plan could be done.

~Rayville {The Housing Area}.          The Orginal Town Capital of Merchants Village, The Housing area where the other 2 lower branches live besides relatives


“You have grown stronger than I have my daughter, you will be better than me” Lizzy said to Illy as Christopher gave a nod to his daughter

“Only time will tell when the enemy of a vengeful family, will use the suprise attack on us..” Illy said as she kept working on her sword

A Story that is simple and short for good reasons



    1. Clayton Wade 2 weeks ago

      Looks to be an excellent start to an exciting world! Sound advice from the Lordarchy, as well: Pray for peace, but prepare for war. The Ministry considers Jadia Bay a possible ally, and would offer my services in kind.

      • Author
        Illy Hadley 2 weeks ago

        The Credit for the World would go to @KathyPinkadow
        They are at war with an old vengeful enemy as stated and @laciemoore18 or 19 would be the one to ask about alliance with the Hakisuru Alliance.

        But thank you! It’s really nice seeing nice and suggestive comments 🙂

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