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Retreival Mission: Save Girlycard! (Rant version)

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Why does these thing happen to me?? I’m not very fond with Girly. And doesn’t care about her, no less. But if I didn’t tag along and rescue her like everyone else, People at the tavern would hate me so I had no choice. Even after all this, I still don’t like her. Not one bit. You might consider her my frienemy.


I’m a Class 2 Demon Assassin. It’s my job to slay, pursuit, or rescue someone. BUT WHY GIRLY OF ALL PEOPLE??!! I mean, really?? Why can’t someone else that cares help her. That vampire is beyond my help and I don’t care. On top of that, her “Daddy” threw her out. Who in Inari’s right mind would do something that low?? My own human father wouldn’t do something like that to me!! Well, he was drunk. *shrugs*


For a dumb reason, this demon chick (other than me) attached a freaking penis on helpless Girly. I think her name was… Kalina or Valina… something with a “K” or “V” maybe. Now she’s–what Thak the half Orc would refer–a hermaphrodite. (Thank god for spell check. TUT ) Everyone thought about cutting it off. What’s more painful than that? But meh. That’s they’re opinion.


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  1. lass the dark assassin 10 years ago

    *laughs softly* he was turned by my vampire side that is why he can not die

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