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Return from Nowhere

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There was no fan fare to announce the arrival of the fully cloaked figure.  One moment the street was barren, upon the next there it stood.  A thick cloak pulled tight kept the features of the short being hidden from view in the pale light of the street lamp just over head.  No one paid so much as a glance at the sudden appearance of another creature.  Just another figure wandering about later at night.  All part of their plan to come when few would be about to question or investigate the arrival of someone trying to hide who they were.  A brief moment was taken to ensure the cloak was firmly in place.  From within a pale hand pulled the hood down closer so that no features could slip into view before tucking itself away once more within the confines of the cloak.  Assured that everything was in place booted feet set forth.

Fairly familiar with the city itself they had little trouble making steady progress to their destination.  Head tilted down so as to only really look towards the ground.  Pace at a fast walk, not trying to draw any attention as they walked the quiet streets of Persistence.  Sounds would cause the hooded head to turn towards the direction.  Whoever it was seemed a bit jumpy, as if afraid the shadows might come to life at any moment to claim them.  Thankfully the trip was uneventfully.  A small smile played over the lips of the figure as the sight they had waited for came into view.  The Red Sun, it had been some time since they were here.  While Consequence and the Blue Moon would always be more akin to home, here held good memories as well.  As well as the last time they were here the former was currently under siege by the undead.  Best to not risk an encounter with such in their current state.  

In silence they made their way towards the door.  The same pale fingers as before reached out to grasp hold of the doorknob.  Hesitating only slightly at first.  Most likely none remembered the cloaked figure.  At least they hoped, or that any ill will towards them was gone now.  One could only hope.  With a deep breathe they pushed inwards.  The creak of the door sounding far too loud for their ears.  Beneath they hood their face grimaced at the sound.  Thankfully the inn was lightly populated.  Hobs were busying themselves with their chores as the figure entered.  Only giving a bit of a wave in greeting before going back to work.  There was a slight glance from Jerry but a cloaked figure was not an uncommon sight so they were paid little mind.   Though the figure wasted little time waiting about by the door.  Instead taking steps towards the back where the private rooms were.  Like walking down a familiar path it took little time for them to find their old room.  A sigh of relief was given as the key fit into the door without hitch.  The fear of their room being given away one that was had been on their mind.  Quickly the door was pulled open and then shut in the cloaked figures wake.  

Inside it was where they took their first deep breath.  Finally a bit relieved that they were no longer out among prying eyes.  A chance to gain themselves as well as things that had been left behind.  Slowly the hood was pulled down revealing their features to the empty room.  Shaggy tufts of straw blonde hair poked out from the makeshift ponytail that hung behind the young male’s head.  Having grown back out a bit in their time away.  Fatigue lined the youthful features of the teen.  “Now let’s see if all my stuff is still here…”  His voice was soft as he took the first few steps into his room.  Which for the most part looked about how it was left.  A few things were moved about.  Hmm either it was his friends who he had left here or the hobs had come to clean.  At least it did not seem as if anything had been taken so that was a positive. “Good… now for the fun part.  Back and already have to get to work.”  His next few steps took him to where he had his pack of supplies hidden away.  Now for the fun task of transferring all of the times to his new bag.  Best to finish before he became to tired to even move.

Quietly he seated himself on the floor next to the large back of various items he had gathered on supply runs as well as items that he already had from before. Fully pushing the cloak back he let his right hand start the process.  The new bag of holding snuggled between his legs in order to hold it open as he started moving the items from the larger pack down to the smaller bag.  All done with his right arm as there was no left arm.  From the shoulder down of his left arm was barren.  The black metal burden he had been gifted with no where in sight, leaving the youth with but a single arm to do everything.  It had been awkward at first learning to do everything with one arm.  One reason he had been gone for so long.  Having only one limb it took a bit longer then he expected to fully empty the bag but finally he finished.  Now that the bag was filled with his material goods, other then his potions of course as he always kept those within their proper pouch, he stood.  One last thing he needed to find.  The rifle that he had made.  It did not take long to locate the object.  Thankfully other then seeming to have gathered some dust it remained in good condition.  Longingly his fingers traced over the frame of the firearm.  “Lot of good you will do me know huh?  Least till I can find some way to get around the whole missing arm.”  For now it was safe, something he was truly happy about.  “Well now that everything is taken care of what is the next step?”  The question posed to the rifle as if it held the answers he wanted.  Who knew what was to come.  He could walk out that door to a waiting knife or a hug.  Though he was not sure which might be worse at the moment.  Pulling the cloak back over his shoulder to hide the missing limb he sat himself upon the bed.  First rest.  Then he would see what the day brought his way.  Laying down he sat staring up at the ceiling.  Wondering over the different outcomes that might await him as he slowly drifted towards sleep.


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