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Return of the King

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With Ehud sitting upon the Throne of Demise in the divine realms and Raz’s humanity effectively eliminated, the Old God of Destruction found he had very few options open to him. Eventually he made his decision. Through the dimensional portals he stepped into the throne room of the nine hells. His throne room. The servants looked around at him, gasping in fear and surprise as he made slow steps towards the skull of his father. His mortal visage burning away like paper to reveal his true self. The shackles of his humanity had been shed! Their Lord and master had returned! Next to him, a shadows rose, their visage like men in black robes. They too too giving him a low bow. “All Hail, the True Lord of The Nine Hells!” they proclaimed “All Hail Raziel, Daemon God of Destruction!” Daemon… he liked that word, Daemon God? Well, that was even better. 

“I have been away for so long” He proclaimed to his subjects. “And in my absence you have gone without proper leadership. Now, i stand before you as your Lord and God of the infernal! It is here that i shall remain.” He gave little more care to the outside worlds of the mortals. He gave little any care for anything really. He was the shadow of the God that the people on Hellifyknow had come to know and a shadow must always live in darkness.

  1. Tony Stark 3 years ago

    Tony unbuckled his seatbelt and kneeled before her taking both of her hands in his as he smiled up at her and kissed both of her hands,

    “And I love you, Virginia Pepper Stark.” He smiled at her and then moved his arms around her and hugged her resting his head against her chest with his arms wrapped around her waist.

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