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Returning From a Mission Gone Well – (Late Evenin 21/1 2018)

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Kara Zor-El (DM)
”You were just beamed up.” Kara explained. Nevermind the partially ruined Supergirl suit, the bruises here and there. She looks like a mess. But that’s part of the job. ”And I just returned from a fight.” Many fights, Kara. ”How are you?” It was either Alex, Hobbie or Whiskers that beamed her up.

Kida Le Morte
*her smoke in hand as well as the two glasses of whiskey* it’s a double kinda night. *notices the wounds and sends out some fog to help heal and calm and relax, sips the drink* last time I was on a ship thing it was less fancy and I was preparing for war… how are you Kara? *kida was dressed in white silk, a two price dress, the top half has sleeves that were detached from the torso as golden bands held up the fabric that draped over her arms, her lower price was something tjat looked irk a skirt but had two slits up the side and the rest was pieces of fabric held on by the same style of gold band, it hung from her hips. Her skin though is covered in scars, some new from her stab to the chest and others old, like the massive circular one covering her stomach, her medium purple hair hangs over her shoulders* Sorry trink and yisha came with during the beaming…process…

Kara Zor-El (DM)
While the fog wasn’t needed, due to her fancy Accelerated Healing Factor, it was definitely welcomed and soothing. A faint smile was upon her lips then. How was she? Well… ”Done and fed up with ungrateful people.” Oh dear. ”They can deal with their own problems from now on.” If even Kara says that, then it must be serious. The fighting was the tiny part of it. ”That aside, I’m fine.” Smiling just then. Either forced or genuine. No one could tell. She isn’t known for lying, though. ”Double kinda night. Got it.” Nodding once. This ship was both a home and a warring one. So in a sense, it wouldn’t be too different from Kida’s previous experince. ”How are you?”

Kida Le Morte
*shrugs* I’m here. Not good bit I’m not dying so… *she smiles, she wasn’t the best. But that was soemthing to discuss in private. She nods, trink waves to kara and let’s go if kida* hello lady. *his voice is gruff bit gentle*

Thank you for bringing us abroad your ship. I hate to ask but can we possibly stay the night here… *trink looks yo kida as he asks, she just looks down., not wanting to ask herself, he knew so he did*

Kara Zor-El (DM)
”Hello, Trink.” Smiling towards the imp. He had been really kind and nice to her and the others. Alex was surely about somewhere. As for her question, she nodded towards Kida. ”Friends and allies are welcome to stay for as long as they like.” Kara informed. Seeing as Kida might seem to need/want it. While Kara was curious as to why, she wouldn’t pry. If Kida felt comfortable in telling either her, Alex or Jim they would listen.

Freya Silverhart
*she was humming to herself as she painted her nails just black, her legs folded under her as she sat in the chair and a frown on her face of concentration*

Kida Le Morte
*kida nods and sips her drink then takes a drag from her smoke. Trink smirks to kara* Thank you. *a they talk yisha looks to kara, sniffing a little as she looks to hee, for being a puppy yisha was massive. Her head reached kidas shoulders, she looked like a st Bernard only mich bigger. Yisha nudges kida while she moves to sniff kara, big brown eyes staring. Kida jumps and is pulled outta her thought* oh. Yes.. Thank you. It means more than you know to allow us here tonight

Captain James T. Kirk (DM)
Kirk was around, maybe somewhere on the Destroyer, which is CLOAKED. Quite like himself, while using his own Force Blank to elude his presence from other Force Sensitives. However, there is one that he can’t hide from. Nope. The Emperor: who marked him. Emperor Sheev Palpatine. In most regards, he’s lost his father again, (George); up to and including his semi-father, Pike. Somewhere within that ship: Kirk is contemplating his eventual return to the field, to the action, and that of Father-Hood. What does that even mean? He’s been receiving reports from his fellow crew members on the state of Naboo and the purported endless corruption that resides there? However, in most regards, corruption is a given when there are Secret Imperial Bases, yes? Precisely. He’s also been informed that Kida is back on-board the Ship as well. Which is good news. Friends and allies are always welcomed on-board. Yet the weight of Director Orsons and Senior Commander Alicia Beck’s offer, is one that riddles The Captain. Aye. But Sheev wants his death, yes? Death. Much like His Family, His Crew, His SON, His Wife. Each and everyone of them Is Important to Kirk. Crew. Is. Everything. Aye. But he needs sleep. He needs to meditate more to combat the Sith Alchemy that’s colluding into his systems. He needs, he needed a break from The War. The War that broke Him, that broke his Crew, that broke…Yet, he sends a message to those within the Recreational Room, “Sorry that I can’t be present” He says, “….I’m still resolving some issues. However, you’re all in my thoughts and another thing” Kirk grins, “…We haven’t run out of coffee. Kirk Out” He ends the transmission….from, somewhere, within that ship……

Kara Zor-El (DM)
Kara placed a hand on the wall. Not because she was necessarily injured. But because she had used a lot of her solar energy reserves in all of that fighting. She knows Alex will be here any moment, making sure her sister is alright. Kara petted the big dog with her free hand and gave it a warm smile. She had a cat ones. Black one named Streaky. Her first friend. One that made her feel less like an alien, more like a human. A stray cat. ”You’re welcome.” Then a smile with Jimmy’s voice. ”Take your time, Captain.” She would murmur.

Kida Le Morte
*kida nods a bit, hearing kirk and looking around* this place is fancy…*the pup moves a bit and tries to help support kara. She snorts and then trink yawns* which way is the way to our bee if I may ask..*kida looks to trink then back to kara* we have had a long day.

Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)
One could assume, and they would be right, that the Doctor was within said office too. Preparing for the return but also motherhood. They were both wanting their best for their baby boy. And much more. She had been wanting to be a mother for as long as she could remember. And now it was happening. Well once Tiberius was born. Jim’s comment made her chuckle. She was definitely a coffee drinker, so it was a miracle it wasn’t gone! Everyone was on thier minds and Kara was doing a terrific job as Captain. While Alex still made her presence known and helped out, she was indirectly giving Kara spotlight to grow as a leader. Had she been a terrible leader beforehand? Not really. There were just better ones. And Alex was of the impression that Kara could become a really good leader, given time and experience.

Kara Zor-El (DM)
It wasn’t bad, though could be better. ”Should have seen it during wedding day. I sorted out so many balloons.” A fond memory. ”Christmas was pretty good, too. Very fancy.” She like Christmas. The support from the puppy was welcomed. ”The Recreational Room is the highlight.” Why? Does anyone /really/ have to guess? Kara nodded with her question. ”Sure. I’ll show you available rooms.” Standing up straight once more, she would lead Trink, Kida and the pup to a corridor with available rooms.

Kida Le Morte
*they follow kara as she hands trink the empty glass*

Kara Zor-El (DM)
Eventually, there would be the corridor with rooms for them to stay at. ”This entire corridor is empty. And nooo, it’s not because it’s haunted.” Doesn’t mention a certain Rex Hanson sneaks onboard now and then. That would be haunting. Sort of. Kind of.

Kida Le Morte
*kida would pick the first room, whichever it was, Yisha would huff a bit as trink moves in, laying on the bed and he was out instantly* thank you kara. Sorry for any trouble. I will turn in for the night.. *kida nods to her then moves in, standing for a moment* if I don’t see you in the morning…. I might have forgotten where I am.. so…um… *she scratches the back of her head* maybe cone and check on us? *kida would most likely forget. And probably would need to be let out. Fancy ships were weird for her., bit she moves as the door closes and then she’s to flips on the bed and passes*

Kara Zor-El (DM)
Kara smiled. ”I’ll be sure to check on you, Kida.” They were safe here. ”Sleep well.” She wished them all a good night, before Kara went to her own room for a shower, change of clothes before she went to check on Jim and Alex. One could assume that she would go to bed after said visit.


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