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Rhoslyn’s Birth

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*Darius sat by his wife Marissa’s side, holding her hand as she struggled through the labor of their eighth child, a daughter who was already strong in the Force. Whispering softly in Keshiri, he encouraged his wife to push a few more times, and finally their daughter’s head crowned, revealing a headfull of redgold hair and Darius frowned.*

“What is it Darius?” *came Marissa’s soft voice.* “Is something wrong?”

“Everything’s fine, my love.”

*Marissa nodded, and bit back a scream as she pushed again, and Ishamael, six years older than the newborn gasped.* “Dad. Mom. She’s unnatural.”

“What do you mean?” *Darius asked.*

*Ishamael pushed the screaming newborn into her father’s arms, who looked down at her, and smiled as he took in her appearance. Sensing Marissa’s concern, he spoke.* “She is flawless, but yes, unnatural. She has the lavender skin of all Keshiri, but her eyes and hair. They’re different.”

*Ishamael growled, his golden eyes boring into that of his father’s.* “That is why she must die! She will be an outcast because of her abnormality!”

*Darius threw Ishamael against the wall using the Force, and smiled as blood stained his son’s silver hair.* “You ingrate! Can you not feel the Force at work here? She is special, meant for a purpose, and she shall be trained for that purpose!”

*Ishamael growled, holding his head, and stormed off while Darius turned his attention back to his wife, gazing into her violet eyes, and smoothed back her beautiful brown hair, before offering the newborn to her.*

*Marissa smiled at Darius, gazing into his golden eyes, and touched a hand to his cheek, brushing some of his silver hair off of his face before turning her attention back to the now quiet infant.* “She’s beautiful.” *Marissa said as she looked at their daughter’s red-gold hair and amber eyes.* “A treasure.”

“Our son is right, though. She’ll be an outcast.”

“Then we shall simply give her all the love she could ever ask for.”

“Her cousins, uncles and aunts won’t like this. She’s unnatural and gifted. They won’t believe that an ‘abnormality’ like her should be so gifted.”

“Then we shall protect her. Darius, you worry too much.”

*Darius chuckled.* “What shall we name her?”


“Rose valley?”

*Marissa nodded.* “Also meaning lovely rose.”

*Darius nodded his agreement.* “Yes. Rhoslyn is a beautiful name.”

*A knock sounded on the door, and Darius looked at his wife, waiting for Marissa’s nod before opening the door with the Force to reveal Rhoslyn’s four year old sister Sage, who happened to idolize Ishamael.* “What happened to brother?”

*Darius glared at Sage, who was playing with her brown hair, her light brown eyes showing anger.* “What happened is none of your concern, Sage, unless you want to open your smart mouth and receive the same punishment your brother did. Now, come, meet your sister.”

*Sage laughed.* “You mean my abnormal sister? Ishamael’s already telling the others. She’s no sister of mine.”

“Your brother also wishes to kill her. Would you? Without giving her a chance?”

*Sage shrugged and walked over to Rhoslyn.* “She’s unnatural, but she’s cute.”

“Good. Now go make sure Ishamael doesn’t do anything stupid.”

*Sage nodded at her father’s words and ran off. As she left, closing the door behind her, Darius sighed.* “Perhaps it’s time to let Ishamael go to Tahv temple to train. It will keep him from Rhoslyn.”

*Marissa nodded.* “Yes. We shall tell him tomorrow.”

*Darius nodded, and then got in bed by his wife, who put Rhoslyn in between them.*

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