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“Hello? Is there anyone left? Can anyone here me?!?” I cant see. Everything is so blurry. Why? What happened? Where are my sisters? “For fucks sake help me! Oh god kill me!” A voice in the distance? Sounds familiar..

“Hey! I can hear you! Where are you?”

“East..I-I  can’t feel my teeth!”

“I’m coming don’t move” I scramble through limbs that look somewhat familiar. I can hear faint breathing now, over all of these burning branches and the constant ringing in my ears.

“Judy babe is that you? It’s Mary, hey look at me we’re okay! Just keep it down alright” I look around for a med kit, or maybe some dead nobody’s shirt, when i see it. Poor girl. Left arm completely gone from wrist to elbow. I have to make a fast decision..

“Mary is it bad? Hey Mary say something god please..I-I can’t look!”

“Listen Judy, we have to make a really important decision right now okay? Hey! Just keep your eyes on me! Listen…Its gone.”

“OH GOD MARY NO PLEASE MARY DON’T LEAVE ME HERE I CAN STILL FIGHT!” tears flooding down the poor girls face, leaving a clean trail where the dirt once was.

“HEY! I am NOT going to leave you here but we need to either find a clean bandage to fix ya up….or” I look away slightly.


“We have to cut to the shoulder at base..your decision”

“OH GOD NO I CANT I FUCKING CANT I CANT I CANT” She’s making too much noise. I’m starting to feel like yea maybe I should leave the poor bimbo.

“Shut up. Alright? are you trying to get us fucking killed? It’s really quiet, which means two things you fucking mook, either they retreated…or they’re searching..” I drag us down into a ditch and cover us with a fellow warriors mangled corpse. I’m tired of helping these useless low ranks. Never pay attention. Only in it for the uniform.

“Judy, listen to me very carefully…we need to get out of here..we need to head back its not safe here, okay? I need you to be strong for me okay..”

“Mary..” I can hear the light huffs coming from her struggling voice “I wont make it…” small sniffles began to arise.

“You not making it, is the least of my troubles Judy. We need to return..and tell the boss. If you cant do that then all of your training, was a waste. And just like your training Judy, you’ll be a waste. Useless. Nothing. So, you are either gonna stop crying and head out with me, or you’re going to rot here like the useless nothing dead baby you are right now.” I can see her eyes begin to tear up but for some reason, i cant find myself to feel bad anymore. I lug her over my shoulder and begin to walk through this ditch which seems like its going for miles on end.

I swear its been ages.

“Mary…I’m sorry.” the sniffles again.

“Judy just uh…hum me a song sweetie. I like to hear your songs” muffled humming begins to sooth me. I can feel her body vibrate with each hum, but I also feel it get heavier. This forest seems forever now. But we’re almost there, I remember these trees, I can see the carvings in them.

“Judy, hey, we are almost there just hang in there buddy..”

“Mary, i’m lucky huh? Cuz ya know we didnt get caught and all?” She chuckled then coughed.

“No Judy. I’m just good.” I smirk “I dont know why, but they stopped searching..ya probably scared em off with that god awful arm of yours” I can feel her huff and sniffle again.

“You’re only being nice because you know i’m not going to make it Judy..” an ugly cry comes out, “…I’m just a useless nothing and..and..” THUMP. I toss Judy on the ground, feels good to take off that dead weight.

“We’re here. Get up. Shape up. Beverly will be coming out to see you soon. You know how she feels about tears.”




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