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Rise of an Arbiter. (Pt. 1)

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2552, Reach. New Alexandria.

Rmae Tukall woke up to the sound of an alarm. He threw off his blanket and jumped onto the cold metal floor. The hum of the ship’s engines came to a stop as he rushed over to the corner where his armor was waiting for him. He hastily put on his combat harness, then setting his armor on top of it. 

He rusted out of the room, Aliens of all kinds rushing about. Rmae ran through the ship, passing one of the gun bays. As he ran past, other Aliens bearing the same armor as his stood at the controls of the cannons, firing down on the city below.

He reached the drop pod bay just as his General walked in. Rmae got into line with the others, holding his plasma repeater in front of him. 

“Attention.” The general bellowed. “Today we strike at the Human city of New Alexandria. You’re mission in particular in to take out three Anti Aircraft cannons preventing us from landing our troops. You have been chosen because you are the best the Sangheili have to offer. You’re Ultras, let your title reflect your abilities on the Battlefield. Do not fail us. Doing so will result in your summery execution. I’ll meet you on the ground, Brothers.” 

Rmae and the rest climbed into their drop pods, the doors shutting as they did. 

“Beep… Beep… Beep.” The pods drop, Rmae grabbing onto the handles on the sides. Outside he could see squadrons of banshees engaging in a dogfight above the city with human forces.  The pod began shaking violently, the ground growing closer and closer. His pod crashes down onto a Terrace, the door blowing off and Rmae jumping out, repeater in hand.

All around him the other pods crash into the ground, his squad mates jumping into combat as bullets began flying their way…

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