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Rising General, Falling Scion

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æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem looked…baffled at first, imaging that she hadn’t heard the General correctly. Though as the armored woman before her continued on with her demand, it only confirmed the absolute madness she’d thought she heard in the beginning. “I don’t know what’s come over you, or who pissed you off recently; but I’m going to give you a real long moment to reconsider what you think you’re doing.” That’s when she started to act ever so slightly, using her toes hidden in her boots to manipulate the earth deep beneath their feet. “You’re falling down a long, slippery slope that’s not going to end well for anyone.” The Kishimoto warrior spoke in a cold, venomous tone; her crimson orbs glaring Krieger down. “I will absolutely not surrender to you, just as I didn’t surrender to the last Krieger before you.”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
“What’s come over me is that I am finally going to act on what I know to be right.” Krieger stepped from her ship, but did not fall. Instead, she strode through the air towards the Scion. “I knew from the start that one day… Hellifyno would fall. And I knew that one day… you would all fail to be up to the task. And I knew that ONE day… you’d stand in the way of progress. I’ve always known this to be true…” A hand outstretched, Franziska’s fingers curled into a fist, and a blazing sword of psionic energy formed there. “That your magic… is WASTED on you… Your blessings are WASTED. Because you are WEAK. And I… am the Strong. I am the Future. The WATCH is the Future. Hellifyno has always been our’s, and you’ve just kept it from us so you could hand it off to the darkness yourselves via your ineptitude…”
“No. More. Surrender… Or I’ll do what I must.”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
“You think to know what’s good for all of us?” Anthem replied quickly. “You who rule your people with an iron fist, yet so inept that you allowed yourself to be a DIRECT link to what’s going on right now.” The Scion slipped into a more grounded stance, raising her holy longsword against the Olde Watch General. “Is this your idea of progress General? Tired of putting on the good guy face and actually trying to work with everyone? Here comes the Olde Watch propaganda machine, spitting the nonsense I thought you above Franziska and it saddens me to know I was mistaken.” If Krieger truly intended to stand against Anthem and demanded her freedom, then Anthem would respond in kind to show why this was a bad idea. Green aura emittinated from her person, a mixture of her own wavelength and Gaian power that pulsated through her. The smell of sage filling the area quickly, the earth beneath her feet still being worked in assumed secret as she hadn’t moved. “Is that what you think? You couldn’t fill my shoes. You couldn’t be the Hope people need. But, let’s test your claim on who is strong and who is weak and remember, you brought this upon yourself.”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
“You make the mistake of thinking I need to be the good guy to save our world… All I need… Is to stop you all from ruining it before nothing is left.” And at that, the General moved. The skull faceplate closed over her head more, and like an avatar of death, she ran through the air towards the Scion. With a gesture, Anthem would feel a wave of telekinetic force pushing against her back in an attempt to drive her forward, right into the path of Krieger’s psionic blade as it swung through the night air, shining as it carved a path through air to strike right at the Scion’s collarbone.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
That was it for what Anthem wanted to say, staying quiet to focus on the battle as she employed her combat tactics. Crimson orbs watched the woman carefully as she approached, catching the somatic gesture and preparing herself to respond. Kreiger tried to move the master Earthbender, but with a slight adjustment of lower, stone came up and wrapped around her feet and keeping her in place; adopting her Enduring Mountain pose to keep her grounded. With her human left arm she made a punching motion towards the General, in response a sharp storm of sand and pointed, jagged rocks sprayed from the ground underneath at Franziska.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
Sand and rocks blasted into the armored form of Krieger as she was forced to close in the distance to Anthem herself. There was a surge to her movements as she propelled herself forward, limbs moving faster as she came in close. Both hands wrapped around the nigh intangible hilt of her psionic longsword, and with all of her might and speed, she swung it at Anthem’s head. With her proximity came an aura of dreadful memory; Anthem could feel the claws of horror at the edges of her mind, scratching and itching to get in so they could fill her with memories of Olde Watch’s history, seen through the eyes of a girl young enough to remember all the times their world and that lone city-state had come under fire from threats that had to be taken care of by heroes… Heroes that were always nearly too late. Always.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem noted that Krieger wanted to get close with a weapon of invisible length, coming in at the Scion quickly. The sand storm still continued, the area within a 20 meter range was filled with particles of sand, dirt, and rocks that floated around. With legendary speed and practice she brought her own holy weapon to bare; focusing on Fran’s hands rather than her weapon. The aura of dread would have to fight her own aura, that layer of green over her skin that was the first defense against attempted protrusions into her mind. She would smirk as she felt the attempt against her etheric energies, part of her training was mental fortitude and meditation against this very chance. But in response she punched outwards again, over her shoulder sanding swirling together to make a solid cannon ball that flew straight through Franny’s chest.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
As Krieger came in with her swing, the holy weapon the Scion wielded caused her to pause. As blessed metal clashed against her ANFE resonant armor, sparks flew and Krieger’s blow was deflected. But she didn’t stagger! She swung again– Only to be struck in the chest by the cannon ball formed by the Scion. This slammed into her chest with full force, and the outermost layer of the armor cracked slightly across the rib-like design of her chestplate. Staggering back, Krieger could be heard audibly breathing… Not labored… But heavily all the same. “You… are… Nothing. Where is your will? Your drive? What pushes you onward? False destiny?” She straightened herself. “What right do you have to the power you wield… Is it chance? Fate? What gods dare gift such a thing to you and not the people dying in the gutter? To the people that died HERE… The people you couldn’t even save.” Krieger’s hand gestured to the ruins of Civalo’ki. “Where were you? Busy being ashes, scattered through the air… A failure…”
“A failure… Not even a martyr. A failure. Just like Dawnshard. You are both PAWNS in this game, not players. You are a child’s favored toy, dragged out of the chest for a day, and then discarded through the long night, doomed to be forgotten once they grow too old… You can either die here, ‘Scion’ of Hellifyno… ‘Hope’ of the world… Or you can surrender.” A hollow laugh came from behind the skull mask. “But… I think you’ll just die. It is what you are used to. It is what you are doomed for. Just like the rest of us. Only I will die seeing the world restored. I will die and do what you cannot before I go… Because I am the Strong. And you are the weak.”
“You. Are. Not. Worthy.”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem already seethed with righteous fury, a burning anger in the pit of her soul over the lost of both her brother and daughter to the Void.”How dare you take that name in vain! You think you know worth? You think you deserve answers? No. All I see is a scared little girl on the top of her scared little world.” The Scion stepped forward now, stepping so hard and so fast that she left a crater in her wake. Her aura became clearer and more erratic, threads of sage green etheric energies freely visible; Anthem wasn’t going to hold back anymore. The Kishimoto warrior came up with a single handed upwards strike, geen and white energy building up on the weapon in the process. If she hit, or if Franziska blocked; Anthem would release blast of fire and Gaian energy in a crescent wave. “Where were you when Elijah died huh?! You didn’t do shit to stop it! On top of that, where the hell where you when the people would build that mountain you sit on where killed and replaced with Voidlings huh?! How the hell did they kidnap your cousin and keep him locked up in a jar?! You are nothing but another power hungry tyrant, trying to get out of the shadows of better men.” With her free hand she condensed sand and dirt into rock along her left arm.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
“I do know worth.” The General raised her own hand to meet Anthem’s; at the very last moment, a wall of psionic power came between her and that wave of fire and energy, which sent her reeling backwards; whatever power she had hadn’t been enough to stave off the full might of that blow, and now various cracks had formed in her armor, and they glowed from the heat. “I know honor. I know duty. I have been steadfast in my purpose. I TOLD you… to wait. To hold. To stay. And instead, you rushed forward, eager to throw away your lives… He deserved his death. He deserved to let the power in him to be abused, twisted, deformed, and made to birth something worse.” The General was hunched forward now, clearly weakening. “So that you’d see… So that the blinders could come off and you could see… Your power… It means nothing. Nothing… without the right mind to use it. This, Olde Watch has understood. The abuse and misuse of power from those who weren’t meant to wield it. It is a lesson the rest of Hellifyno could learn… if you all didn’t wallow in ignorance. You aren’t strong enough. You aren’t smart enough… to learn.”
“But we do learn…” The General paused. “You… had a woman… Didn’t you. Did you not reclaim her when you came back? Or did she not want to share a bed any longer with a failure like you? A false hero, like you… My spies say she’s happier without you in her life…”
“Just like this world will breathe a sigh of relief once I rid you of it.”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
The Scion’s eyes narrowed as Fran mentioned her previous lover, a relationship went south that was still something of a sore spot in her normal careful control of emotion. “You really must have a death wish Krieger. You might know what those words mean, but I doubt you’ll ever know what it means to exemplify them.” She grew angrier, advancing once again and closing the distance between them; aiming to throw a solid weighted left haymaker across any surface Anthem could hit! The rock phase shifting at the last moment into molten hot lava, making her cross much more dangerous. “For all your supposed power, your technology and ability to spy on people; you sure don’t know shit do you! I hadn’t decided until just now, but you leave me no choice Franziska….”
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
“My wish is to die seeing my world restored. And that death will come long after I end you, weakling!” Krieger surged forward towards the Scion on her own, even across molten ground, held aloft from sinking by the power of her mind and will alone. Anthem’s blow struck Franziska in the face, but her head barely flinched, so focused were those hollow, black skull’s eyes on Anthem. An armored fist went to meet Anthem’s gut, hoping to knock the air out of her with the extra force of a telekinetic blast that accompanied it.
“You are no better than the Void! Your death should’ve meant the birth of someone that could be BETTER than you… Admit it… It wasn’t Gaia that rebirthed you, was it? You… gave in. You ARE the Void.”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem was a little surprised that her strike made little purchase, with an extreme amount of force and heat behind it. In that split moment a fist met her stomach, indeed causing her to exhale explosively; which might have not been a good thing for Krieger. A blast of gale force winds escaped her lungs, causing the Scion to ascend into the air using the telekinetic blast as extra momentum to shoot upwards a few dozen feet. At the apex of her ascension, her crimson gaze was filled with the bright glow of the wisdom and power of every Scion before her for the last millennium. Her lower half was engulfed by a vortex of air, providing the Elementalist flight as she looked down on this arrogant soldier who dared to stand in front of nature incarnate. “You silly fool! You really dare accuse me of being of the Void? Clearly the burden of your position as finally drove you mad.” As she spoke, Anthem’s voice echoed in the harmony of over 500, all at once. “I’ll provide you with a merciful end then.” Now she rose her Excalibur into the air, heavy storm clouds forming in the sky for kilometers around and congregating on her. Anthem finally put her another hand on the hilt of the weapon, calling its name passionately into the world. “Exxxxxxx……” As she spoke, the blade glowed with overpowering energy, that of Hope, that of Life. Bolts of lightning rained down from the clouds, striking the blade as Anthem poured her energy into it. Boulders casually started to levate, along with a stream half a kilometer away to surround her. “CALIBUR!” The Scion came down as a wraith of nature, aiming to deliver this multi-elemental slash in one decisive hit!
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
The ship behind the General turned sharply to face the Scion, and a weapon deployed from its bottom… But didn’t fire. Or, at the very least, it didn’t fire something visible. But it did fire something somewhat audible. It was a specialized combination of supersonic and subsonic waves that blasted from this specialized generator directly at the Scion as she came down to enact her wrath… And though her wrath would remain, the strength behind it would be robbed. The General didn’t move as Anthem came in to deliver her blow; she wouldn’t have to. Even if Krieger had to endure the bite of Excalibur’s blade, she would see this FINISHED. The Scion came in right where she wanted her. Franziska reached back, and from her armor, she pulled… a rod. A cane to be exact, long and black, with a skull atop it. But her finger found a button… and the shaft retracted, unveiling a long, thin blade, sharper than sharp… And she swung it right at the Scion’s neck to remove her head from her shoulders.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem again would have felt the ship moving through the air before she felt it, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that Olde Watch would use every trick in the book to meet their ends. Having considered this conundrum long ago the Scion decided that even without magic thanks to ANFE she’d still be more than enough in her physical prowess to put the General down. Even as the energy around her energy begun to subside, the elements quelling; they still came down on her in a murderous rage. Bouldiers still came through the air as they already had momentum. water quickly losing pressure as it rained over the ground. The Scion still had her forward momentum too, along with the holy sword Excalibur baring down against General Krieger with reckless abandon. Without even thinking about it did Anthem kicking out her leg, using the reverse momentum to move her head out of the way of the cain’s blade while drawing her own sword from upper right to lower left across Franny’s midsection.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
The ANFE shut off just as the boulders would’ve struck Krieger; in that short moment, she sent them flying away with a wave of her hand, and as the sword Excalibur cut through the deepest layers of her armor to draw blood… A hand clenched the Scion’s throat. Another grabbed onto the hilt of the holy sword. But neither of the hands were attached to Franziska’s wrists – they were linked purely to her mind itself.. All the same, the invisible hand that was now choking the Scion helped to steady the targeted neck as the General’s blade carved its path through the air to remove her head from her shoulders.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Now that caught Anthem by surprise! In seconds the raven haired Kishimoto was caught up in invisible hands, her green aura flaring against the external pressure as she found herself motionless for the moment! She pulled a hand away from Excalibur, it quickly being engulfed in white fire. But before she could strike, that impossibly sharp blade passed through her barrier. Through muscle and sinew, until eventually the top of her body was divorced from her bottom! Fire flaring out randomly as her body twitched a bit, crimson lifeblood spilling from where her head once once. The grip on her weapon loosened, its aura switching from green to blue as it no longer served the Scion of Hellifyno.
Gen. Franziska Krieger, Olde Watch
The Holy Sword Excalibur flew into the General’s hand. Her hidden, skull-masked gaze traveled across its length, stained with her own red blood as the Scion’s body fell. She turned from it quickly, not needing to gaze upon the corpse to know she’d done what was needed. “…You… will serve… nicely…” The dark form of Krieger walked away now, stepping into the air and back up to the doors of her ship. She cast an eye back towards the body only then… And with a flick of her wrist, made sure that what flames remained around it would consume what was left. “Pass on into the night, Scion… The future… is safe…”
“In MY hands.”
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