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RolePages Christmas Song

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Jingle Bells, Rommy Smells,

Everyone Ran away

Oh! What fun it is to laugh

On Hellifyno-o Oh!

Nellys Got Rommy

Sassys got Pocky

Eva’s got Lelia

and we’re all happy

ho ho ho

Lex has got Dally (Ew!)

Annie HAD Fred

Rye has no one

and that is really sad! OH!

Jingle Bells, Oprah’s well

Everyone went crazy,

Everyone loves each other

On Hell-if-y-no!

  1. Rye Simmons 7 years ago

    But I dun care. I’m single forever and okay with that! Plus underage!

  2. Sterling Ackerman 7 years ago

    *Loves that he gets right of the OOC during the postings, but not her Pee break xD*

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