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Rolepages is Like Highschool with danger

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Carol is the bitch

Rom is the manwhore

Chyla’s the slut

Girly’s the school nurse

Rye’s the short kid

Rae’s the popular chica

Teery’s the class clown

Dyr’s the special ed student

Dal’s the headmaster

Echo is super intendent

Titus is class president

Elexin’s the jerk

Raistlin is the goody goody

Dominic’s the bad boy

Thak’s the geek

Lark’s the sexy tom-boy

Sassy’s the anime freak

Timeless is the one who never graduated

Dis is the big bad senior

All children/newbies are freshmeat

Asmo is the quarterback

Daniel Plainview is the sneaky drug dealer

Wyrm’s the bully

Anyone with the taint is apart of his possy

The giovannis are a gang

Harry’s the janitor

And we even have a school news: The chronicle society



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  1. Seras Victoria 10 years ago

    [she chuckled] Your an old fart this sir.. Im only in the 200 range.

  2. Eros Piv'ois Cairo 8 years ago

    Spose that makes me the kid that disappears all year and shows up for finals.

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