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RolePages Technical Wish List

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I am going to be jumping into the code and working on a few of the sites bugs / features over the next few weeks, and I wanted to get some community feedback about what you would most like to see changed / improved / added to the site.

This includes new features, improved features, and bug fixes. I want to know what is most important to you. What do you think will help make RolePages better?

Note: This DOES NOT include the chat. Please do not include changes you would like made to the chat.

Some things that I can work to improve include Profiles, Locations, Forums, Blogs, the Rating System, the Activity Feed, the Home Page, Comments, or anything else on the site.

You can let me know by commenting or just pm Dragon Teers directly if you prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you very much for your input, and hopefully together we can make RolePages even better!


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    1. æ Kaler Eland æ 2 years ago

      Saw this as a problem for one or two other people when adding background photos to their Profiles, as sometimes the text can’t be seen as clearly. Maybe an addition to the Customisation Tab which lets you change the main text colour for the different text boxes? Bit like you can for changing title colour etc, if it’s possible.

    2. Malakai Octavian 2 years ago

      Maybe a search bar just for the blog section?

      It would also be nice if there could be featured blogs again. ^^

    3. Cielo Den Ouden 2 years ago

      A sauna and spa? 🙂

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