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RolePages: The 9th Anniversary Marathon Event: Summary

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It was a time of darkness and tyranny for Hellifyno. The Vampire Lord Augustus Giovanni had stretched out with impossible force, and his undead armies had covered much of the planet, with his domain including Consequence his capital, Olde Watch, Ar’Elis, and Sprout as well the colonies of Improvidence and Steelheart. He had alliances with Hellgate and Kili Toda, and a peace treaty with Persistence, backed by constant raids from his general Ruby. Twine and Paracosm were under blockade and naval siege.

Then, the Heroes of the Blue Moon Tavern got a special piece of intel. The Vampire Lord’s magical power was being incredibly amplified by the Mountain Fortress of Consequence. Devising an ingenious plan they sent one force to battle in the streets as a distraction, while an infiltration army of heroes including Gwen Pool, Magicia and the Maids destroyed the antenna mechanism of the mountain, and broke the vast majority of Augustus’s strength, causing nearly half of his undead armies across the planet to crumble.

They then struck out, rebel forces retaking the major cities of the planet. More intel came in pointing Augustus Giovanni’s position as being in the still occupied city of Ar’Elis, so a team of Heroes was dispatched to take him out and end this once an for all.

An epic battle ensued and in that battle, the Heroes prevailed, Augustus Giovanni was killed.

Returning home they set about cleansing the Blue Moon Tavern of Consequence as well as the bartender Harry, and in the process released an old Leader of Heroes from his True Web prison. He gave a warning. “It’s too late. They’re here.”

In that moment the blood of Augustus Giovanni running on the streets of Ar’Elis activated a potent and ancient magic. The Abominations, beings of unspeakable power and evil from a million years in Hellifyno’s past were suddenly able to break free from their prisons in the True Web. They immediately resserected the Vampire Lord as the Augustine Abomination, and then they covered the world of Hellifyno in an eternal darkness.

However, a few of the Heroes who were lucky enough to be in the right place and the right time escaped through a Loophole. Led by the MoP HaIrEd BoY they were brought to the Realm of Legends, a place beyond time, where they met the ancient High King Ar’Elis of Hellifyno, from his prime one million years ago. They also met his brother, The Malevolent Abomination, called Malcolm in this place for his role as a Hero before his fall. So too there was the Prophet of Or, another hero whose name and powers would later fall to darkness.

High King Ar’Elis informed the group that they were chosen by fate, and destiny, to survive this appointed doom and save reality from the threat of the Abominations. He told them that it was their duty to return to the wretched realm that Hellifyno had become, and cleanse it. And he told them of the first Hero, a warrior who had been erased from memory through some foul magic, but who was the key to defeating the Abominations the first time, and could be again. He had to be found. Wherever he was.

The Prophet of Or then gifted them with his magic as well, “The serpent of the prophet will revive the crown, the dragon of the kind shall restore the town, and the white knight knows the griffins name.”

After outfitting them with knowledge and lore, as well as fresh arms and armor, the High King Ar’Elis sent them back to Hellifyno in a giant magical turtle.

However, the Hellifyno they returned to was a twisted version of itself. Everything had been inverted so that each object, being, and creature, was the worst and most maligned version of itself possible.

After avoiding a few dangers and battling others, the group of Heroes found their way to a secret enclave of the Children of the Light where they met the High Priest of Gaia. He imparted them with Living Weapons, holy tools of life itself that could cleanse the land of the twisted corruption inhabiting it.

The group then set out to free Hellifyno once more. They started with Consequence, the chief city of the land, where they battled massive floating heads and streets of clawing flesh and used their newfound weapons to cleanse and restore the entire metropolis to its former shining state.

Next, they set out for the city of Twine. There they began their work but were sidetracked when one of the revered Ancestors of Twine appeared and started to tell them a story…

“In the beginning, the Dreamers dreamed the first people, and those were the Ancestors of Twine. They lived in the Dream for an eternity and were free. But eventually they wanted more, and so they built something other than possibility. They created the True Web.”

“From this first network, others sprung, each more vast and complex, until distance, space, time, and reality began to form as emanations of this great creation. It was in this second generation of reality that the Heroes of old were born, Ar’Elis and his brother the Malevolent Abomination.”

“But one from the First Generation of the Ancestors of Twine hated the True Web and the realities it had created. He sought to destroy them all so that a return could be had to the time of the Dream. Thus the Abominations were born. Beings that could destroy pieces of the True Web, malign reality, invert truth and cause it to rot from within.”

As the story ended it was decided that the only way for the Heroes to defeat this menace was for them to enter the True Web itself. To seek the means to defeat the Abominations, in the very realm they were born of.

After many trials, they found a way through the portals of Twine into the True Web. There they encountered Moranthiel Von Krieg, a Hero of recent renown and a master of the True Web that led them through a series of trials that had them confront their worst fears, and their greatest hopes. Overcoming them they found their way to a central data node containing the vital information they needed.

But not before Marnthiel Von Krieg sacrificed her life to save the group and transmit the needed knowledge to them. In her death, the ancient warriors the Rev’aan were released, and the Abominations were held back, for a time. 

Once free they were able to examine the data that Mora had sacrificed herself for. The First Hero, was dead. But he was not lost. The group had to travel to the Afterlife of the Silverhide Halls, a special realm where some of Hellifyno’s most notable warriors lie. There they would find Aethulfwulf, the First Hero, the one with the power to defeat the Abominations once more.

The group of Heroes set off on a journey through the realm of the dead gods to reach the neverending halls. Along the way, they encountered Lyrical Starchild, the recently fallen Queen of the New Gods. Despite being the enemy of most she was allowed to join the group after a brief negotiation, giving her greater parlay back into the world of reality…

The Heroes finally arrived at the Neverending Halls where they were met by Titus Silverhide, one of Hellifyno’s greatest legends. He informed them that they had to survive a series of challenges in order to gain passage into this most elite of afterlives.

The group was met with a series of violent clashes with enemies from Hellifyno’s past. Slayers hit them hard with Anti Magic and the group chose to die rather than give up. This was morphed into an insane illusion revealing their deaths to be false, but their sanity to be equally false by a fae mind attack. Next they met the twisted beasts of Wyrm and Void and were finally enveloped in a titanic struggle against the robotic organic warriors of Plainview and the magical monstrosities of the Soulless.

Upon victory, the wisdom of ages was granted to Marick Silverhide, the next generation of this great clans warriors, and the First Hero Aethelwulf was revealed, glowing in holy light. But this victory was short lived as The Augustine Abomination chose that moment to attack.

The full force of an Abomination came down to bear upon the Neverending Halls that day and many souls were snuffed out for eternity, but with the help of the Heroes bearing Living Gaian Weapons the Abominations powers were subdued and the father-son team of Marick Silverhide and his deceased father Titus were able to slay Augustus Giovanni once and for all.

From there the Heroes armed with ancient magic, Gaia, the secret of the first Heroes and the power of the True Web struck out at Hellifyno’s remaining Abominations. Magic from the first energy surged, the Prophet of Or returned to fulfill his prophecy, the First Hero led the charge, and the New Heroes won the day, banishing the Abominable Horde back to a crystal prison deep within the darkest recesses of the True Web.

The day was saved.

And thus… an age of evil was ended, and a new day dawned over the magical world known as Hellifyno. Thanks to the efforts of the Heroes, their allied Rogues, and the many free peoples of that magical world.


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