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RolePages, the Tenth Anniversary Marathon Event: A Summary

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The world was destroyed, and as the last continent of Hellifyno sank into the sea, a new continent was born. The continent of Thyme. Escaping to this new land the young High King Ar’Elis told you that it was a place of time and that your own timeline was corrupted, and needed to be fixed. And so you embarked on a journey through recent times, preventing the Song of Stars and Flame before it began, stopping the Golden Death Cloud before it could be formed, ending the saga of LeLouche early and preventing the Wages of Consequence. But in the Ar’Elian Saga, you were beset by Abominations that killed the child king Ar’eLis, who then flung you backward in time to the very beginning of reality. 

The First Age – The Age of Stories
There you got to see the faces of the Dreamers, those players who dreamed your existence, and for a time everything, in reality, was possible. Every wish was granted. But when everything is possible, everything exists and nothing matters. So eventually you saw as the first Twines were strung and the networks of reality were formed. This eventually ended in the creation of Twine, the first island, the first land, on the planet of Hellifyno, the first planet in existence. 

However, the respite was only brief, as creatures known as Abominations, beings that wanted to destroy reality and return to the infinite possibilities of the Dream, assaulted Twine and tried to destroy it. Luckily the First Heroes, led by an ancient and adult Ar’Elis of the past attacked the Abominations and liberated the city. This led to an age of peace and prosperity. 

But you were flung through a time glitch into an alternate reality where you saw that massive worms were destroying the many timelines. These worms killed you. All of you. And you died. But another timeline, very similar to our own, converged and you were reborn as almost identical selves, with only very small differences if any and all of the same memories. Your rebirth was into an ancient Hellifyno that was a wasteland, a Faery Tale Post Apocalypse of horrors where magic didn’t work. 

Eventually, officials from the island of Thyme found you and agreed to send you back to your own timeline. But in 2019 everyone is dead. Jerry, Harry, the imps and hobgoblins, as well as your families and friends, all litter the streets of the world. The Sage of Damascus, the Thyme official who had flung you back retrieved you, saying that it was a folly to have sent you back at all. Instead, you undertook a dangerous mission to recover a magic bird that could save everything. 

But the Sage of Damascus murdered the bird immediately, letting Void into the world for the first time. This destroyed the island of Thyme. However, that vile force was defeated by the first Children of the Light but as the Void was banished it cursed reality with something new: death. People began to grow old and sick and die for the first time ever. This caused a panic, and in that panic, the many peoples of the lands turned to gods that were just being born, and the hope of salvation in their burgeoning afterlives. 

The Second Age: The Age of Myths
However the gods were too powerful, and they soon began to fight. And because of Twine this was a war that stretched across every reality, threatening to break them all. The ancients of Twine decided to close the island. Before they did, they gifted you with the last portal, and told you to go back to the very first Dreamers, and see if you could fix this. 

And you did, but you ended up in an Out Of Character wasteland that stretched on for endless hours. It seems the Dreamers would not even wake for their most precious Dreams. 

The Third Age: The Age of Magic
Eventually, you made it out of that fourth wall breaking realm and back to Hellifyno, where you found that the gods had BrOkEn ReALiTy, letting a surge of CrazEd FaE into the world, and with them, a new surge of magical energies and powers. 

After a brief interlude where you witnessed the birth of Gorgons, you were crash landed back into Hellifyno, where you saw a city rise in unreal time, its workers ageing, building, and dying in seconds as a majestic metropolis grew around you. This was the birth of the city of Kili Toda, and you were beckoned into their central palace, a magnificent library with every book that has ever been written and every book that will ever be written. 

Except one. 

The tome of the Thyme and Twines of Hellifyno was gone. Just then the Sage of Damascus, Scorpio, appeared, taunting the group and flinging the charred remains of that oh so vital book on the ground, before vanishing. Luckily Jadis the Scribe had the lore necessary to tear apart one of the group’s accompanying Maid and craft a new book cover from their flesh. This immediately started glowing and pulsing and pointing them to the pages, lost through time and space, that were needed to correct everything. 

Quickly you rushed after the first of those pages, finding them in a new realm, a new universe, known as Hyandria. After dealing with the primal forces there book pages were recovered and the world felt more whole, but only for a moment. One of your accompanying group, Calvin Broadus, a scientist who had been analyzing this new universe, stumbled onto a discovery that would change everything. 

The Fourth Age: The Age of Science
And thus, Anti Magic was born. Fearing this new and deadly substance the group was hurtled back towards Hellifynian reality but missed the planet, instead skipping through the bonds of reality to skitter onto a cruise ship that was traveling across the End of the Universe. There you enjoyed a brief but restful respite until the ship got trapped in a black hole singularity and was dragged down into a new realm of mazes and puzzles. 

Luckily, in those mazes, you found a magical book that had more of the desperately needed pages. The Cheshire Cat ripped them from the tome and added them to your own and as he did you felt reality stabilize. But only for a moment…. Because then the all-pervasive Anti Magic finally flooded through this new realm and it was destroyed, leaving you hurtling back down towards Hellifyno.

There you were confronted with a primitive world. A broken landscape. The once mighty cities of Hellifyno, built on magic and lore, were fallen into a state of decay with the lack of that special magic. The world was in a time of regression, and of repression. Tribal societies formed with strong arms ruling in dominance over all beneath them. 

But this evolved over time, a process that you were able to witness as time glitches increased and pressed the world forward by hundreds, and even thousands of years. You stood witness to the development of fire, then fuel, then automated means of locomotion. Flight was rediscovered, not as the result of a spell or an artifact, but through aerodynamics and inquiry. Great buildings rose, then skyscrapers, stretching out as even the stars became accessible once more. 

But with this development came commerce, and with commerce came commercials. Unfortunately, the group fell prey to this and ended up stuck in a centuries long infomercial that pitched products nobody wanted and sales nobody cared about. Glitches in the system caused this commercial to turn violent, but you fought back, escaping the clutches of commercialism only to crash back into a Hellifyno that suddenly had magic once more!! 

The Fifth Age: The Midnight Age
With the fading of the Anti Magic and the restoration of true magic, the time glitches only grew worse, one hurtling you almost 50,000 years into the future where you found suddenly… you had no memories. You didn’t know who you were. You didn’t know who anyone else was. The world was a mystery of darkness. You found yourselves back in the Portalverse now but this time you had no idea what it was or what it meant. 

Finally, the first of your memories started to sluice back into your mind. Like shards of pain, knowledge struck against your brains and you knew, you saw, and you slowly became once more whole. 

However, the time glitches were worse than ever before. You flashed forwards and backward in time, and even to strange times on other planets. You saw the rise of Nazi Germany and the greatest works of Picasso. You got to witness the crucifixion of Jesus and suffered the terrors of the Battle of Thermopylae. 

However, you also got to see the birth of the city of Consequence and the rise of the Blue Moon Inn. However, you were quickly conscripted into a war with their first rivals, the newborn city of Olde Watch. In another glitch you saw the creation of Olde Watch itself and witnessed the twin rise of the nascent and opposing red Sun Inn. Quickly after you became embroiled in a war between the two great ancient superpowers in the first international conflict of this age. A ferocious battle ensued and you were trapped in the middle. 

By then the glitches had gotten worse and worse, ripping you through time and space ever more violently as a ticking ever-present clock led you down to the very end, the midnight of all time. Briefly, you witnessed the rise of the Watch Queen as the Trade Wars with Consequence ended in an Olde Watch victory and even joined the Blue Moon Heros on the very start of a secret revolt against her. This resulted in a glitch forward only to see the Heroes take over as a Hegemonic force on Hellifyno. 

The Three Great Wars of the Apocalypse

Then there was the most violent time glitch yet and you flew through thousands of years in history to crash land right in the middle of the Slayer War. The black-clad soldiers used their full force of AM and mechanical might and destroyed your forces, necessitating a retreat to Retribution Rock. From there you found a brief respite until the Slayers AM gassed the entire planet, making the time anomalies even worse. After a brief scene where the Lady Echo sacrificed herself to cleanse the world, you witnessed the true results of the AM. 

The Anti Magic had weakened the walls between the Fae Realms and Hellifyno once more and as the insane creatures rushed in madness spread over everything. You battled against this only to witness the resurgence of an ancient evil, as the Heroic forces, having newly discovered Void, used it to wipe the FaE from the realm and restore order to the universe. This resulted in an even worse outcome, as the Chaos god rose and brought forth the hidden evils of the Hells to the many verses. From there you glitched to Consequence, which had stood as the last city in existence, holding out against the evils that beset everything. 

The Void Apocalypse

By now the sky was growing dark with empty patches of existence gobbling everything up. The glitches went crazed, and you were flung about to strange and dangerous realms, an insane asylum, a library filled with books about each of your lives in intimate details, and then you glitched back just in time to see the final city fall, and emptiness, nothingness, and oblivion consume everything in the universe in the final moments of the Void Apocalypse.

In the darkness, you felt an end and could see the Chronicthon time worms devouring not only your timeline but all of the others. Every instance of existence was wiped out, one by one, until only you were left. Magicia produced the Book of Hellifyno and tried to use that to restore everything but too many pages had been damaged, destroyed, and lost, and she was quickly consumed by the worms, as were you all. 

And that was the end. 

Until you heard a question, coming from the dark. 

“Do you remember?”

A disembodied voice asked, from within or without what you were and what you were no longer. 

“Close your eyes, and remember. Remember the adventures. Remember the pain. Remember the love.”

And as each Character, each Dreamer, remembered, their Characters were reborn, and then reality, the sky, the air, and the planet Hellifyno, with all of its cities and peoples, lands and wonders. The characters, now born again, settled back down onto the world, and a new Book of Hellifyno was written. Not one set down in strict lore, but one which was written and maintained by the memories they had of their lives, their experiences, and the connections they had made with one another. 

The Sixth Age
To be determined… 


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