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Multi-Storylines / Relationships

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–First one has ENDED–

Former Residence- 

Hank Jackson’s ranch in south Texas. Charlie works as a ranch hand, helping to tend to chores and maintain the upkeep of the animals, fencing and buildings. He also helps during horse and cattle drives.

–Fellow Ranch Hands–

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Josh Randall: A fairly good guy when he has to be, Josh likes to keep to himself and never causes much trouble.

He can be nice, but he doesn’t like to get too close to anyone if he can manage it. Josh will help out a man if he needs it, and he and Charlie do get along. In fact, he’ll come to Charlie’s aid if he ever sees anyone picking on him. This act of kindness rarely wins him any friends.

Loyal to the boss, he does what he’s told, and never causes trouble.

Josh has one weapon, and it’s a Mare’s Leg- a custom made sawed off Winchester rifle. And, he’s a excellent shot with it.

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Josey Wales: This cowboy doesn’t like being friends with anyone, and would rather spit on a man than help him out.
He and Charlie don’t get along at all, and the fact that he can’t talk ticks off Josey. He annoys him, and Josey is not afraid to let it be known.
Booze is more like a best friend to him, and he drinks often.
He also has a bad temper, acting ornery and finds himself engaged in fights more often than not.
He’s good with a gun, but carries several in case he’s too drunk to shoot correctly with just one.
Related imageHector Escaton: Cocky, self-assured, too confident for his own good and dangerous. He’s hot headed, and it doesn’t take much to spark a fire in him to go after someone. Even when he doesn’t know all the facts.

He and Charlie aren’t friends, and never will be. Whenever he’s suspected of doing anything wrong, he always blames it on others- especially Charlie. He does his best to avoid Hector as well as avoid eye contact as much as possible with the man.

He also carries a sawed off rifle, but also a revolver. He’s better shooting close range than trying shots at a distance. He also has a whip, and he’s skilled with it. He can knock a cigar out of a man’s mouth with ease.

Image result for gunsmoke festusFestus Haggen: He’s one of the older ranch hands, and he likes giving advice to others when he feels they need it. He also doesn’t mind helping out when he can, even to those he deems are not the nicest folk.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is one of the friendlier, and far more trustworthy.

He and Charlie get along well, and he’s always there to stick up for the younger man. He’s slightly below average in height, and certainly considered scrawny, but he holds in own when forced into a fight.

He carries with him a revolver, but he doesn’t mind using a rifle either. Festus is very good with both, and isn’t timid about using them when he has to.


Image result for catherine zeta jones zorroLove Interest-

Eleanor Jackson is the woman he adores more than anything, and he fell for her the moment he first laid eyes on her.

But, her father, Hank hates him. She has been promised to another- Leeroy Holtz, who happens to be a friend of Charlie’s father, John Hardin.

She has given him papers and pencils to communicate with her. And, they have done so in secret- Charlie even having written her a letter and confessed his love for her. But, the letter was taken by Hector and read aloud to the ranch hands in the bunkhouse.

When word got back to Hank, after a party where Charlie had too much to drink and ended up dancing with Eleanor, the older man punched Charlie several times, and then had Hector deal with him.

If Charlie is unable to take her away from Leeroy, he might just lose her forever.

Charlie now has a scar on his right cheek and earlobe caused from being brutally whipped by Hector.

He also has the marks on his back, shoulders, arms and neck.

In time, these will fade, but for now, they are very visible as well as being constant reminders of one of the worst nights of his life.

He now has the ability to speak. The only thing that will change that is if something traumatic happens.

He is hoping to convince her that it is in both of their best interests to get away from the ranch and make a run for it while her father and Leeroy Holtz are not around.

He loves her and feels he can not spend his life without her. If she gets cold feet and makes up her mind to stay, Charlie is going to leave anyway and join up with his outlaw father, John Hardin.

If she does decide to come with him, they will be in the run, but they will be free to carry on  relationship without worrying they might be hurt for it. However, it could all come crashing down if they are being hunted down and caught.

Current Residence-

On the run. Heading down for Mexico.

Traveling Companion- 

Eleanor Rose Jackson

–Second one PENDING–

Current Residence-

No where in particular. He is currently traveling around, and has no home.

Traveling Companion-

Mercy Hawthorne

What Has Happened-

Charlie has seen the future. He should have died in the library fire, but he was saved by accident by a witch. This changed his time, and altered the way his life was to end.

He’s given up wanting to be in his own time, and is determined to end up in hers. All she has to do is find a way home, and Charlie is trying to help her achieve that goal.

Through her rhyming words, as well as her magic, she has told him of the future (her time – 2019), and has even found unique ways of showing it to him.

Through her love and kindness, he is overcoming the problems he has with talking. Currently, he can speak. This will remain this way until something bad is to occur, which would send him right back into nonverbal communications.

Love Interest-

Mercy is a witch with powers that keep Charlie in awe. She has been banished back to his time, but they have currently figured out a way to get back to 2019.

With Charlie’s help, they both have gotten to her time together.

She has taught him so much about the future, and what lies ahead of him. All these things would have come to pass without him. But, because of her saving him from death by fire, he now has the chance to be apart of something he never thought possible.

One day, he hopes to marry her and have children. And, now that they are in her time, he feels he’ll be able to do that.

With her constant encouragement, she has helped him achieve the ability to speak as he’s been able to get past his psychological issues caused by the abuse he suffered from his father, John Hardin.


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