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Rp Fights for newbies

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Hi, There I am Koreta and lately, I’ve been noticing that not a lot of people know how to proper Rp fight. So I am going to tell you what I consider to be the basics of it in order to make your Rp fights more fun and entertaining. Also in the process teach the newbies a way of how to do it. 

Stop Being Selfish

I am going to start off with this because I honestly think this is the most important thing of an Rp fight or any other Rp overall.  Remember that an Rp is a story composed of 2 or more people at the same time and If you are trying to make your character the center of attention all the time. It not will only ruin the story but also the fun for other writers who are writing with you. Rp fights are no different from that.  If you want to make your character always the Super Powerful Hero or Villain that saves the day all the time and is immune to every attack just because.  You are not just ruining the story but also the fun of it.  (but what if my character is that Powerful ?)  Well if your character is that powerful then I think that it only would be fair that you share that with the other writer or writers that are making the story with you. Before the fight and not just pop that up in the middle of the fight.  This also brings me to my other point. 

Backstory & powers

This is a huge one not for just any RP but especially for Rp Fights. Having a backstory of your own character Helps a lot to both you and your fighting partners. This will help you create a pillar or a more clear view of your character’s power level and experience. That will also help to explain the why of certain attacks and dodges, making the RP fight feel more deep and intense. Rather than making something up at the moment, that feels cheap and shallow.  I am going to give an example. 

1: Koreta sees the blast coming her way and dodges it then sends a counter energy blast at her enemy.

2: Koreta, has been in many battles before. Her Saiyan blood had made her hungry for her own growth and through it, she has been able to gain experience. Because of this when she saw the blast coming her way she was able to move out of the way fast enough to find an opening and shot a blast back at her enemy with the power to destroy a building. 

With this, I am sure many of you will be able to understand. Thanks to her Backstory and her powers established it feels more intense and interesting. Not only that but also it gives your character some growth and at times it gives them an opportunity to gain a new power in a way if done right or just a second breath. 

Do Not Add OOC knowledge to your character

I got to say this because I’ve encountered this problem every now and then. Some writers not intentionally add their knowledge from an OOC discussion to their characters or just by just reading others’ Rp without their characters being on the scene.  Not only that but also the writer would have to come up with a pretty reasonable excuse for it because if they don’t their partners would only be annoyed by it and probably would stop being that interested in the Rp. 

do not auto-hit 

This is a tricky thing for many especially for those who are starting with RP fights. They do not know how not to do that and I understand since once I was a newbie myself but that is why I am doing this for those who do not know learn and for those who know have a better time finding a partner to RP with.  In order to avoid the Auto hit or God mod or the so many types of variations, this comes with is to add these simple words or phrases.


If you add those words to your sentence you instantly will be avoiding the Auto hits.  I will give you an example of it.

1. Koreta held her enemy by the leg and with her massive strength, she smashes it against the floor several times causing great damage to its body breaking every bone of its body. 

2. Koreta attempted, to hold her enemy by the leg and with her massive strength. If done she would smash it against the floor several times on condition that. her strength was more than her enemy could handle she would cause great damage to its body breaking every bone of its body.

If you didn’t know it now you know LOL (silly joke). Anyways with these simple phrases or the correct use of them, you will avoid the auto hits and let the total control of your character’s enemy to your partner giving him or her the option to dodge or receive the hit. 


If you read this I will give you my thanks and I bet you will be a better writer by now if you are a newbie and if you are already experienced I hope that at least I was able to show you something new and if you want to share something please feel free to do it. Even I have things to learn too. 🙂 

    1. Morgan Seyfried 2 months ago

      This is actually a pretty good explaination of how to RP fight, I thought this was going to be different

    2. Quartz Agarose 2 months ago

      Great job at explaining! This’ll help out so many people who’re still trying to figure out their way in rp’s *coughs* (still needs experience in fight rp’s myself-)

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