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 Kestral stood before Kijoni her head was tilted down as she felt his eyes boring into her skull…What word was it that he used? Dishonorable? Unnegotiable disappointment? She’d spare a glance up at Kijoni, where she’d normally of smiled at his large stomach that protruded out of the bottom of his shirt she could only stare at him with fear etching her expression. With a grunt the leader began to speak.


‘’Kestral..Child, you killed a man.’’ His voice was gravel against her ears making her flinch.


‘’ The magic you used has been forbidden here for years, you’ve known this. That man had a family Kestral… A wife and a baby.. ‘’ Kestral’s frown deepened at the words, she’d not known that… I mean how could she have, they barely make it into the market and the residents there are strangers to her.


4 days ago


‘’Fox lets go! If we don’t hurry up we’re going to get caught!’’ Danick laughed it catching in his eyes as he ran across the field that separated their camp from the market. Kestral followed behind huffing from the exertion.


‘’ I’m coming! You’re much faster than I danick!’’ Kestral laughed at the use of her last name, a nickname of sorts. She’d not noticed that Danick had stopped running at this point and flattened herself into his back.


‘’I swear to god, it’s almost like you –want- to be caught ‘’ He’d turn towards Kestral a frown replacing that once boyish grin. ‘’ Get it together Fox or I’m never doing this with you again.’’ His words whispered towards her in a harsh threat. Kestral ran a rough palm across her face wiping away the sweat that had built up.


Danick leaned up looking into a window eyeing the people who dwelled inside she’d hear the rustling of pots and pans and from behind Danick she’d see the thin man, a make shift knife was caught in his left hand swinging down at something that was obstructed by his body.


‘’ Are you ready? ‘’Kestral asked towards Danick, she was scared it was true. This was the first time she’d ever been invited on one of these trips and she sure as hell wasn’t going to go first.


With a heaved sigh Danick nodded as he lifted his right hand, the glow of magic forming in his right hand. Kestral smiled at the small ball that appeared in his hand her smile was returned from Danick. The once nervousness that consumed her was gone replaced by excitement.


Danick threw his hand out the ball of energy moving into the room the man was in, it wavered just slightly hanging in the air behind him. It took all Kestral had not to giggle at the thought of the little game they were about to play. Danick turned his gaze onto Kestral waiting for her to follow suit.


Lifting her hand into the air palm facing towards the darkened sky she focused her energy into her palm. ‘’ Concentrate...’’ Words of encouragement came from danick, and with that the small blue ball of light found its way into her palm. Pleased with herself Kestral glanced towards Danick to see his proud smile.


Kestral moved the ball of light into the room matching it next to Danicks. It’d hoover slightly below his. Danicks smile turned from proud to mischievous in seconds, the ball of light dancing behind the unsuspecting man. In a sudden twist of his hand the ball of light turned into smaller ones dropping to the floor silently. It had taken Kestral off guard by his sudden move, it caused her ball of light to sway to the light just slightly hitting a pan that was placed dangerously too close to the edge of the table.


The gasp hung in Kestrals throat Danick staring wide eye’d at the pan as it teetered and then fell to the floor in a loud crash.  Their eyes now on the man as he spun towards the sound the knife still in his left hand. Once his sights registered the orbs he jumped back screaming for help. His legs moved backways the orbs following him as he moved away from them. Kestral had noticed it first, his backwards steps and the pan that had fallen, she watched him silently getting closer to it though she said nothing perhaps hoping he’d miss it.


Her fears were realized as the heel of his right foot stumbled onto the pan causing him to twist as he fell. Danick and Kestral stared wide eye’d at the man as he laid on the floor, the orbs of light dissipating.


‘’Is he..Dead?’’ Danick spared Kestral a glance at her words though she was too afraid to take her eyes off the man. ‘’He hasn’t moved..Is tha-‘’ Kestrals words were cut short at the sight of the red liquid that pooled out from under him forming around him.


‘’Oh god..Oh no..’’  Kestral could feel the grip on reality closing, she had just killed him, what had she done..


‘’Kestral no. Stop it, you need to calm down. This never happened we were never here.’’ Danicks words were lost on her as she continued to stare at the dead body. Finally Danick put both his calloused hands onto her face forcing her to look at him. ‘’ DID YOU HEAR ME! WE WERE NEVER HERE” His voice boomed into Kestrals soul and though she didn’t believe it, she nodded her head.



Present day

‘’Kestral did you hear me?’’


Snapping away at the sound of Kijoni she frantically shook her head no.. She’d been lost in the memory of that night.


‘’ You Killed a man Kestral, We need to take care of this. This whole tribe feels unsafe with you around.’’ Wait..What? Kestral looked frantic as the words registered to her. She’d heard of a time before she was born where people were banished away, it hadn’t happened in almost two centuries.


Kestral.. We have to.. Send you away.. We’ve heard of a place that magic has disappeared.. it’s rather far away, and once we send you, there is no coming back.’’  Kijoni waved his right hand a portal appearing. Kestral frowned for but a moment before a hand pushed her towards the black hole.


‘’Where is this place? If I am going there I might as well know WHERE it is..’’ Kestral ran a shaking hand through her blue locks, perhaps if she stalled enough he’d change his mind.


‘’I can’t tell you where you are going child. If I do that, you’d be able to change your path in transit. Now go.’’ No goodbyes, not even a hug or well wishes. Perhaps she should count herself lucky, two nights before last Danick was executed in the hall of prayer. Kestral shuddered at the thought. A rough push caused her to stumble forward forcing her towards the hole.


She’d save her tears for later even though they threatened to break lose right now, she’d not give them that satisfaction. Stepping into the darkness she was gone and portal closed right after her.


Kestral was thrown from the portal onto the grassy earth coughing as air filled her lungs, her breath was caught in her throat lifting her head to the new place she’d now been forced to call home. Standing up Kestrals tall frame shaped by her white dress common to the tribe she hailed from. The natural blue hair that sprouted from her head now in a tangled mess, her bare feet digging into the muddy earth beneath her.


’Where am I…?’’’

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  1. Zoey Ryder 5 years ago

    Fine, a Zoey submission it is. I’m just going to sliiideeee this right here…..*Pushes a long thought lost picture of Zoey across the page*

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