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RP Rules

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What I will permit as well as I won’t permit is the following:

-Almost any type of starter. In almost any form of paragraph, with a fair length level of course. Except for starters that 3 words. Also, just don’t make it too long, like a novel please. Long enough is fine.

-OOC Chats I abolutely welcome. Talking admin to admin would be very fruitful and it will serve well to share ideas for either RPs or Memes in mind.

-Tags, either In-Character or In-Admin format is fun, so please don’t be shy to tag me. I don’t bite.

-Crossovers. As long as I am familiar with a specific fandom (Ex: Star Wars, DC, MARVEL) is welcoming.

-Alternate Universes. I 100% Welcome that, as well as encourage. After all, it can help to be a bit more creative.

-Memes. Yes, I welcome those. Besides, they serve well as a back-up in case either you or me don’t have any idea for a Starter;

-Shipping? Well, the account is obviously Multi-shipping. But the limited number to this is no more than 8. However, each of these situations where my character is shipped is a separate Alternate Universe. They are not canon, in any sense. Another thing to consider is that the RP must lead to such situation. If it’s called that is.

-Stuff that involve Smut, Fluff, Sex. Well they go straight to the inbox.

-Death? It would be wise if you ask me first and then I will give my answer.

-Gore or Vore? Totally no.

-As for other things such as Godmodding, Mary/Gary Stue/Sue, OC’s and such. Absolutely no.

-To clarify. This Azula I RP has a great deal of influence from the Avatar TLA Series, minus the insane part, followed by some personal spins for her, that obviously come from me, the admin.

-Most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Well I guess that would be all for today and let’s hope the rps and memes to come are great. Thanks for reading this.]

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  1. Josh Artley 6 years ago

    id be intrested

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