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Yes, it has come to my attention and has sadly gotten to the point where I must lay down a few rules for those wishing to Role Play with my character. The are not there to hinder, but to insure that all parties understand and have a clear veiw of what is going on.

1. No killing, or battling my character without first informing me first so we can talk about it and work out details. I don’t add people to my list just to attack and try to auto kill them so I would like the same respect in return.

2. No Godmodding: I am open to god like creatures in our role play storylines and our storylines but ther is a limit to it.

3. No controling my characters actions: Npc controls are fine within reason, bu I have made and have work with thi character long enough to beable to handle him thank you. i don’t need any help.

4. Have Fun: I am open minded person to all storyline ideas so that being said let us have fun and explore.



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  1. =Posted for a friend; Danteus Dragule is the character this is to be.=

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