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Sai Kurayami

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Name: Sai Kurayami
Age: Unknown, but looks to be 17 or 18

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Single:[X] Taken:[]

Sai is a happy go lucky kind of person, she still in enjoys the “carefree life.”,but still, has a bad side to her. She, most of the time she is seen as devious and misleading. Her temper can get up to high levels if you hit her hot button enough, although nothing pushes her over the limits more then treating her like a child. Sai doesn’t judge someone by what they look like, but more or less their character. If she thinks that a person is worth the time then she is quick to friend them, but if she finds them boring and uninteresting then her interest drops.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Skin color: Pale
Hight: 5 feet 8 inches


Sai’s fighting skills are a bit vague when in her normal form having the normal fighting skills of self-defense, but only with the enormous amount of strength. In her second form {Look to the picture below to see what it looks like.} her strength is maxed being able to stop a 2-ton truck with just one finger. She doesn’t use a weapon most of the time, but if she is to use one she would use either a dagger or a bow and arrow. Also in her second form, she can form a black smoky substance that can eat away at anything like acid and can control a person by focusing on their blood flow and using it against them, but this can only be done if she has bitten that person.  {second form}

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  1. Alora 7 years ago

    Alora wasn’t sure what she’d said or did, but something in him changed, and it was just as wondrous as the rest. She hissed as he gently massaged her raw wrists and numb fingers, then relaxed, well as much as she could… her’s was a mercurial master. But since he was in the mood to be tender, she was most certainly in the mood to be tenderly treated.

    He softly touched her everywhere, making her gasp in pleasure, giggle as he found a few places that were ticklish and winced when he brushed a claw mark or one of Malagin’s bruises. She made a soft sound of protest as he moved off her, but quickly she was pulled into his lap, their bodies once more against each other, the feeling of completeness returning. She smiled at, soft and loving her hands going to cradle his face.

    She felt him, hard and huge, pressed against her virginal opening and her fear surged. Amestra had told her horror stories about sex, that a woman bled for days and it was as if her body had been torn in half and the pain would last at least a week. True, she’d read texts contradicting that, but that was her first impression of what it would be like to be divested of virginity. But she wanted to feel him inside her, no matter how bad it hurt, she wanted him inside her and so when he pushed her down and thrust up, Alora cried out in mere anticipation of pain, but truthfully it was the briefest of aches and then… pleasure. His and hers.

    She looked at him in shock, and moved her hands down to his shoulders so she could move with him, bouncing up and down upon his member as the pleasure in her grew to almost painful levels. And then he cried out her name and she felt HIM open up for her and something… magical happened. So much pleasure erupted and traveled through every nerve ending that she screamed in pleasure, his name and then fell forward, shaking, and pressing soft kisses all over his skin, nuzzling against his dark hair and just holding him tightly, tears of many emotions wetting her cheeks. 

    After a long moment, she pulled back and once more took his face in her hands. “I could read every book ever written, in every language for the last thousand years, and not find words adequate to describe that.” Then she slipped her arms back around him and held on to him tight again, afraid of losing him.

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