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Sand Castle Song.

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Sand Castle Song.
A picture in Nonami’s daydream.
After being given a specially fused treat by Rega, Nonami discovered a wonderful feat, as her body became an element of fire itself. However, both knew not of how long would it take for the effects to wear off. With the suggestion of her team, she resided in an isolated location to wait the effects out. This is a story of her passing her time alone.


—New Scene—
Picking a safer location for it to wear off was a good idea, and an advice from her employees. As portal opened by the sea shore of eastern continent, near old, rundown ruins of an ancient city, flaming little being landed in the sand, her mask blackened by the flame, as her eyes glowed amber. Chirping lightly, she watched the portal close behind her, before she crouched and pondered. Somewhat afraid that it may go on forever. But Rega’s words were assuring that the effects may wear off at some point. So for now, she just tried to stay out of trouble before she caused any. Watching the water, she had this little idea at the back of her head. To dip her toes in it. The reason why she chose beach was because it was one of the least flammable places, she could imagine, but now she walked towards the waving water, gulping slightly and checking the foam. Would she dare to dip her flaming toes in it?
Slowly she lowered her toe, and as sizzle came from the water with steam, slightly pained she jumped back. Shaking her head, as with the motion the fire coming from her roared, she stepped back, and sat down in the sand, as it crisped around her, slowly melting into glass-like formations and crystals. She could even see the footprints of shards where she once had walked. She would have to be careful with this little gift that had been given to her. Now alone and given time to think, the flaming little being hugged her knees, and watched the sea, pondering about all the things she had experienced so far. Worried about the events that may fall their way. People seemed to take it very seriously. And knowing how serious things can get, she began to regret asking Micah to join her adventure. Hating the idea that the past may repeat itself. With a sad chirp she sank her head in her knees, and chirped to herself, “Stupid…” She scolded and cursed her indecisiveness.
The sea whispered as drapes of crystal and white licked the sand before her. The small flame crackling out from her time to time, as the stars slowly began to show their faces. Sunset hiding on the far side to the right, since she was facing the south. The glowing eyes did not gaze upon the sky. They delved by the small seashells by the seas shore. A lone hermit crab passing it’s daily life. The land around her crackled from the temperature, as she began to see why she wouldn’t wish to eat those candies all the time. A reason to dislike this, still. As Rega said, it could be helpful. And what kind of hero would neglect her duties because of personal inconveniences? Hard to believe that such thoughts passed her little head, as she looked to the side and tapped the shard, as it blackened with the fumes. Picking up, the now obsidian resembling piece, she eyed, it, as it began to crack, and melt in her palm. It was odd. The water hurt a lot, but heat. The heat felt good to her. A sudden realization, however made her drop the item further away. What if the effect wears off, and she finds herself with molten glass in her hand. Nevertheless this became boring to her. And still, like a good little bug as she was, she waited it out. Not really knowing that she could try out new moves and so on. Wasn’t it for the upcoming events, she would have done so. But the joy had vanished, since she had been given the strangest request by Rega. She remembered Nacht, Micah. People who had opened to her, had this undertone of an end. Nonami hated that. Especially when people spoke about it as if it was to happen at any moment. “Stupid!” She sank her head in her knees, and chirped, as the sea hummed by her.
Time passed, as she brewed in her little mind, waiting for the flames to wear off. But they just didn’t seem to go. With a tired chirp, she fell on her side, and watched the sea, as the little being breathed with little fiery fumes coming out from her. If it was so, she may as well just fall to sleep. Drifting slowly, she eyed the reflections of the stars within the waves, like small dots, they danced, almost resembling petals. Placing her hands below her blackened mask, see breathed out. Before jumping up and reaching within her poncho, realizing what had happened. The phone she had been given had melted. “No… No!” She chirped eyeing her bracelet. The bracelet of portal coins was doing fine. What else she had on her? The needle was left back at the club, but battles did show that it would fare well. She chirped, and eyed that her poncho had been turned to crisp. As it dissolved from her touch. All the knick knacks, she brought with her. The mirror shards were done for. The magnet was glowing red, seemingly lost it’s properties. No feathers were on her, but the small coin purse had melted the gold in it. All her things were ruined with this flame, she was engulfed in. Strong as it may be, it was still destructive, and falling defeated in the sand, she eyed the sky, as her black exoskeleton chest rose up with a sigh. Her insect like features revealed.
She lied there, as the sand turned to molten glass and debris. Seeing the skies was weird for her. It was as if everything was brighter. More intense and vivid in the red tones. It didn’t feel like anger was taking her over, just constant warmth engulfing her. Her toe still stinging a little from dipping it in the water. She clenched the molten glass, and dripped it down on the ground again, before sitting up. Passing the time she had to wait, she picked the molten sand around her, and began to make glassy sand castle with her hands. Making glass balls, and burnt shell decorations. Nonami was not exactly an artist, nor she was a sand castle expert, but she did what she could to make it look as pretty as possible. Humming to herself, she imagined it to be the castle of Ar’elis, where one day, she could be invited as a hero, to join a big party. And everyone would praise her there. The flaming creature tilted her head, and decided to use shells as people. With a tiny voice she spoke, “Oh Nonami, how nice you could comings to Kings birthdays!” She then enacted her voice as heroically as possble, “Oh No probsies, Kings, Nono best hero, had to makes times.” She said, and then turned her head, to enact Micah, “The bestest hero there is! Nono should gets all cakes!” She nodded, and leaned to pick a small piece of molten glass, placing it in her hot sand castle, “There you goes, Nonami!”
“Thank yous!” she chirped, moving the Nono shell, and turned to pick a black one, “I ish… Naaaaak. I comes to celebrates too!” she chirped, and then picked the curly king shell, “Good things everyone comings, t… today we makings Nono officially bestest hero!” She leaned back, and cupped her hands around her mask as if making a trumped pose, “Tuturutu tuuu, Everyone take placings!” She chirped and leaned to arrange the shells in a neat formation in the sand castle, before pushing the scorched Nono shell to the end of the tiny, crudely made hall, “I, The King um…” She did not really know how to pronounce the name, “The king of Heeel ifhyno… Am here to pronouncings, Nono the bestest hero!” she leaned back and clapped as she quickly moved her hand, to move the Rega shell, “I knows it Nono, I believings in you!” She nodded, and every single of her friend shells got a speak, “Kaley thinks Nono Is amazings, more amazings than twisty lady.” She nodded, and turned to pick up a pebble, placing it in the middle, “And here ish the hero cake!” She nodded and made a slight cheering voice, as her words lonely echoed by the beach, “Yay! We luvs you Nono! You the bestest!” She began hearing the sea waves again, and her head sank.
Not having the hearth to break the castle, she fell to the side, still engulfed with flames. “Ish not fair…” she chirped. Just as things were going so nicely. As she learned to read, met new friends, and even found herself, a slightly neglectful, but still a caring teacher, all of this was now at risk just because of a dumb baddie lady. She curled up and eyed the shells she didn’t use for her re-enactment, as they were before her glowing eyes. Lifting her hand, and pressing her fingertips on the shell, she could see how the flames slowly turned it black, “And we all lift..” She hummed the song that was sang a lot when she worked with other workers, “And we all drift together…” She was out of key, and luckily the sea ate away her words, as she chirped, “Together…” Silence then embraced her wait, as the wind picked up, making her flames dance ever so slightly, yet still, it was warm for her. How long did she have to wait? She wondered. Maybe she will be forever a burning Nonami? If the morning comes, and it is so, she may have to seek help. Huffing lightly she pouted once more at everything, as she could see how she brought herself in this mess, “Stupid…” She said with a bittersweet tone, as the time passed on.
The night fell, and as the darkness couldn’t vanquish this burning little beacon of hope, still it spoke, knowing that she could have been so, so much better. “Stupid…”



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