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School Magic (Pt 33)

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Victor was in His Parent’s Huge fabulous Mansion,It looked nice enough for royality to live in,inside He was at His private bar busy pouring Himself a glass of wine,He wore a Red velvet robe with a black sash tied around the waist holding it shut,below had a pair of satin black pajama pants and a pair of black slippers.he picked up the glass between His middle finger and ring finger letting it rest on His palm he sipped the wine and allowed the flowing red goodness to drip across His tongue and down His throat.He grinned and licked the excess liquid off His lips,He turned to walk away from the bar His red eyes glowing in the low illuminating light as He took another sip,He gently brushed back His blonde bangs from infront of His face with his hand and took another sip of the delicious wine.At that moment His doorbell rung,Victor walked to the door and opened it up seeing the Pink-haired Miranda with a scared pale-skinned Valia,He grinned darkly as Miranda tossed Valia to Him making the delivery She promised Him.”Well well It seems You did hold up Your part of the deal.Now for My reward and to hold up My part of the deal.”He grinned darkly to Miranda and nodded.”See You at School tomorrow.”*He said in a devious tone of voice.

Victor turned to face Valia and sipped His wine once more before setting it at the end of the corner table sitting by the door.He ran his index finger under Valia’s trembling chin and smirked.”Tonight is a special night My dear…..Tonight is the night You lose a terrible burden and I gain more power to becoming the Universe’s greatest Overlord.”*He grabbed ahold of Her wrists dragging Her through the mansion,Her screams and crys of pleading for Him to stop echoed through the entire mansion,The mansion walls held many secrets to Victor’s evil past of doing what He had planned for Valia,Her body draggy the ground as Victor dragged Her started to ride her Nightgown and coat down along Her body.Victor opened a decorated brown door that looked like a closet door but whenever Victor opened the door all the way it showed it was a damp dark room with no windows and hardly any room to move with the Big bed in the room,The sheets were plain and raggy looking,nylon ropes hung from around the bed frame,Victor grinned and picked Valia up and stood Her on Her feet tearing off Her coat and nightgown,leaving her pale porcelin body exposed to Him in full nudity Her scared shocked body was thrown onto the bed as Victor walked in with His red eyes locked directly on Her as He pulled the door shut behind Him.

(normally I would write a very detailed explicit scene here but I do know some of the members on here are underage and shouldn’t read it,also My friend and I could get in trouble if were reported for that reason.SO to save our butts from being ran over I’ll leave it to the readers to decide how the rape went on)

Victor finished thrusting Himself into the scared torn up Valia,He wiped the sweatdrops from His sweaty brow as He left his Male fluids all over Her and the sheets,He grinned looked down at Valia.”Awwww poor Valia why are You crying?I just released You into the World as a Woman now,But You do relize now No Man will ever want to touch You let alone love You….They’ll all look at You like a Slut a filthy diesesed ridden Whore.No Man will ever love You now….Not Joseph,Not Tim or Bobby or Simon or Erick…..Not even…”Victor bit His bottom lip as He grinned darkly and evily.”Not even..Alucard.And if any Guy does want to touch You it will only be to do to You like I did.”Victor stood up and opened the door wide opned and looked at Valia.”Now Get out of My house You filthy slutty bitch.

At School Drake and Alucard were walking the halls getting ready for the school day to start,They both saw Crystal but no Valia,which was odd being that their always togeather unless they were in a seprate class.”C’mon Drake something isn’t right.”Alucard said to Drake as the two boys went over to Crystal.”Hey Baby wheres Your Sister Valia?”Drake asked to Alucard.

(SURE leave Me to be the evil rapist XD Your turn Valiaette)

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  1. draco darkwing 8 years ago

    (i should have waited and become a seven sin instead of a royal guard)

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