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School Magic (Pt 39)

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Drake looked around and then back to Crystal.”where do You think She could have gone to?”Drake asked Crystal.Alucard stayed silent and pulled out the paper reading it and nodding as He puts the paper back and sneaks away from Drake and Crystal,Alucard walked down the streets to Victors mansion where He saw Valia entering inside with Victor opening the frint door to let Her in.”Come on in My dear….the party is about to begin.”He quickly slammed the door shut and grabbed Valia by the wrists pushing Her down into a chair that locked Her down with steel straps around Her waist,ankles and wrists.He rubs His hands togeather and smirks evily.”My Dear Do You know what I am?….I’m a Heart theif….The more powerful hearts I collect The more God like I can be,You will be the fial one that will send me to my powerful future….but first to read this disgusting reprint that Lily wrote.”He cleared His throat and read out the poem that Alucard wrote.”How gross…..He thinks that You two would make a good pair… disgusting,To bad He’ll never get an answer.”Victor smirked and began to stir togeather the potions for the herat collecting.Meanwhile Alucard was on the rooftop sneaking in,He was going to kill Victor and He knew He would succeed.

Meanwhile Drake and and Crystal were still at Crystal’s home.”Crystal…it’s a simple yes or no question……….Are You a Stripper?…..I don’t need a explanation just yes…or no…

(XD sorry it’s short but DAMN IT.)

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