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Scion of Hellifyno – Era of Anthem L. Kishimoto: Abilities and Techniques

Anthem Side head shot
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    The Scion of Hellifyno – Beacon of Hope (528th Era)

Due to to the nature of her mixed heritage and the unique power of her Soul as the Scion of Hellifyno, Anthem has a massive reservoir of strength, dexterity, vitality, wisdom, and magical might. While she was predisposition to be a being of great prowess, it was her drive and dedication to the martial arts and spiritual techniques that has crafted her into the brilliant guardian she is today.

Strength: Measures Anthem’s physical power.
Current Strength: 120,000 lbs (lift over head weight maximum)

Dexterity: Measures Anthem’s agility, reflexes and balance
Top Sprint Speed: 1,600km (reached in 100m)

                                        Unique Skills

The Enlightened State: The glow in the eyes, the glow of her tattoo, that marks the sign of the Scion channeling vast, cosmic energies and the knowledge of all previous Scions, granting her a massive increase in strength.(527%) and perform extraordinary feats of bending(Range/Power increase 527%)

This state of being can be brought upon as a reflex, as a defense mechanism or in response to emotional distress. At this point in her life she has mastered the State and can enter and exit it at will, having conscious control. She will also have access to bending techniques that she might not have yet been learned in her current lifetime. 

Beacon of Hope: The Scion is a symbol of Hope among the people of Hellifyno. Their collective belief gives Anthem a unique wavelength for her Soul to vibrate at. Bright and Caring since it first went by the name of Elacris, this wavelength was especially attuned to healing damage and resisting fear.

Mixed Heritage: Anthem’s mother fares from a far away land, sparse and few as they died out. Descendants of beings with great power, this clan possessed incredibly strong life forces and great reserves of energy; allowing them to recover from injuries and exhaustion in just short periods of time. While the clan Kishimoto had learned over time to manipulate and internalized a specialized magic designated Aura and Soul.

Eye of Insight: A genetic quirk from her fathers side, Anthem can pour energy into her eyes to trigger this ability. She can see Aura and magical energy, giving it a color according to its composition and the caster. With extreme clarity of perception, can be used to detect irregularities in humanoids, see really fast moving objects, and detect minute motions in both muscles and Aura for a certain degree of precognition. It also greatly increases her reaction time and ability to process information while active.
-Ten-Rai Circumspetrum: When her genetic quirk comes into contact with the cosmic power of the Enlightened State. (T.B.A)
-Jumper: A technique taught to her by a distant relative of her mother, the ability to teleport herself and anything she is carrying to any distance within sight. 

Mental Skills
Meditation: To think deeply and focus ones mind for a period of time, on herself, the environment, and the universe. She can harness the energy of the environment to replenish her own inner power. [Master]
Cultivation: Thanks to the teachings of Fang Zhen, Anthem has the ability to cultivate and utilize the pure, natural power of Qi. This Qi is a fundamental force of Life that can be further used to fuel her elemental bending. 

-Pain Desocialization: Anthem can mentally ignore high amounts of pain before it starts to affect her judgment and reasoning.
-Temperature Desocialization: Anthem can tolerate a greater range of both heat and cold for extended periods of time.
-Combat Intuition: Through the many years of combat and experience, Anthem can understand and perceive the battlefield and how it’s flowing. Over the course of a fight she can learn to read her opponent, watch their movements and strategy until she is granted insight and anticipate the moves of her opponent.
-Calm Mind: Through many hours of meditation Anthem has achieved a frame of mind where she isn’t easily startled, surprised, or otherwise perturbed by outside forces. A trained mind is harder to breech and influence, it also allows her absolute her resolve on a task.
-Mushin No Shin(Empty Mind): Anthem can vacate her mind free from thoughts of anger, fear and ego; slipping into a Zen state and leaving her free to react without hesitation or disturbance from such thoughts. Here she can react on instinct alone, with no intention, plan, or direction. [Adept]

Hypersensitivity: Anthem has the ability to sense air waves against the bare skin on the side of her head, giving her a high level of sensory sensitivity in which she could perceive her environment and sense threats. (Airbending range)

Seismic Sense: The ability to ‘see’ the vibrations in the ground, against her feet through the stone soles or light cloth she usually wears. As long as she is in physical contact with earth or metal, she can perceive her environment and sense threats. (Earthbending range)

Soul Manipulation: [Mastered] “The spiritual or immaterial part of a living creature, regarded as immortal.” Every  creature with a distinctive personality, conscious, or otherwise general ability to think and make choices has a Soul. While contained within a body, the Soul is responsible for who the person is. Behavior, choices, personality, feelings, etc. In combination with the Aura, the Soul could be trained to manipulate the five basic elements of nature. But by itself the Soul is capable of a range of different abilities. Each Soul operations on a certain wavelength and a practitioner could use said wavelength to attack, defend, heal, attract free flowing particles spiritual energy just to start. Two or more Souls could learn to resonate with one another, depending on the wavelength and personalities of the pair. The Soul can be trained to act as a barrier, the final defense against outside mind altering effects like confusion, madness, and telepathic intrusion. Anthem’s soul is White and Black, with a giant living tree growing from the top and a Ying-Yang symbol in the front. The spirit of Zen can sometimes be seen curling around it.. (Radius = 18km)

                                          Physical Skills

One-Handed Swordswomanship: The skill of a Swordswoman to use a bladed weapon in one hand. [Mastered]

Two- Handed Swordswomanship: The skill of a Swordswomanship to use a bladed weapon in both hands. [Mastered]

Archery: The ability to use a bow to fire an arrow at a target. [Adept]

Spear: The ability to use a short or long spear. [Adept]

Aura Manipulation: [Mastered]“The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a living object.” Aura is an energy field that surrounds any and every living creature in the universe. It is responsible with how the physical body reacts with the outside world. In combination with the Soul, the Aura could be trained to manipulate the four basic elements of nature. The Aura can be trained to act as a passive barrier, to dampen and resist the damage from both physical and energy based threats. It also defends against any mind altering effects(excluding anything ingested), like confusion, madness, and telepathic intrusion; also disallowing another person to exert their will over her in attempts to effect the inside of her body directly(Like blood magic, bone, organ, or nerve manipulation). Due to the nature of the Kishimoto style Aura, each person has a certain color and smell. Anthem’s Aura is dark green and gives the scent of Sage. (It also promotes accelerated healing)

                          Martial Arts

Baguazhang(or just Ba Gua)  [Mastered]
Hung Ga Kung Fu  [Mastered]
Northern Shaolin Kung Fu  [Mastered]
Tai Chi [Mastered]
Wing Chun [Mastered]
Kick Boxing [Adapt]

Elemental Bending

Earthbending: The geokinetic ability to control and manipulate earth (Range 3km + 25% during the Spring Equinox) [Mastered: This was Anthem’s element in the cycle and her most powerful.]
-Earthstep: Anthem can use a platform of Earth to surf along its surface at a faster pace than walking.
Metalbending: A specialized sub-skill of Earthbending. The ferrokinetic ability to bend processed metal as she does earth (Certain heavily refined metals and exotic metals are unbendable)
-Lavabending: The geokinetic ability to phase shift the earth into lava, the lava back into earth, and manipulate it with great dexterity.

Firebending: The pyrokinetic ability to control and manipulate fire. (Range 1km + 25% range and power during the Summer Solstice)[Mastered]
-Lightningbending: The elecrokinetic ability to create and manipulate Lightning. (Bolt size and intensty based on Firebending range)

Airbending: The aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate air.(Range 1km + 25% during the Autumn Equinox) [Mastered: Once Anthem learns to release all her tethers on the material, then she will learn the final technique to effortlessly fly without need of tools or over exertion of energy]
-Airstep, Air Scooter: Manipulating a ball of air underneath her feet to move faster than running. Anthem can use this to fly short distances.
-Leaf on the Wind: An advanced Airbending technique involving honing in on her Hypersensitivity, Anthem can use her mastery of air currents to pick the path of least resistance to evade moving objects.

Waterbending: The hydrokinetic ability to control and manipulate water in all its states. (Range 1km +25% range and power during Winter Solstice)[Mastered]
-Waterhealing: The ability to use water as a medium to deliver her Soul’s healing wavelength. While it can heal all but the most grievous of wounds, it is a slow process and does not regenerate missing organs or limbs; and is very taxing.
-Plantbending: A specialized sub-skill of Waterbending, this hydrokinetic ability bends the water inside plants to manipulate them to Anthem’s will and control them.
-Bloodbending: A specialized sub-skill of Waterbending, this hydrokinetic ability bends the liquid blood of a creature to physically manipulate it to Anthem’s will. This is a tabooed art and Anthem has never practiced it. Though she does understand the theory on how its done, though she could never in good conscious do it to another creature.
-Spiritbending: The ability to use water as a medium to deliver her Soul’s healing wavelength onto a Soul. It can cause a ghost or specter to lose any rage or uncertainty about moving on and guiding it gently to the afterlife.

-Plasticbending: After spending some time as a plastic doll, Anthem learned the proper application of both Water and Earth bending in concert to exert her will over plastic and bending it with great dexterity. 

-Elemental Spells: An art in which one can craft and control the elements through a series of symbols that concentrate and transform Qi into a respective element. 

                                          Soul Arts

Stage Zero: Anthem resonates with the combined Souls of all the Scions before her, in concert with the Spirit of Zen to use her attachment to Hellifyno to search of irregularities detrimental to the planet.(Plot Device)

Stage One – Flash Cry: The orb that is her unconstrained Soul bends back in on her as a powerful aura of blazing, erratic Aura to bolster the passive one. It grants her another layer of protection against all damage physical, energy, or mentally based. It appears of thin loose threads flowing through the air, allowing her to bend the elements more freely as well. The augmentation enhances body strength, speed, reaction time, and passive regeneration for an extended time

Stage Two – Time Alter: While this ability is more of a physical skill, it requires such intense manipulation of her own working body that Anthem needed a closed field of her Soul’s wavelength to do it. In this transformation the Scion can either speed up or slow down her organs to boost her speed, thought process, and reflexes drastically. It’s previous aging effects would now be counteracted by the amount of Qi she’s absorbed. 

Stage Three – Soul Resonance: Anthem can attune her wavelength to another living creature. From there she can do things such as unlock the potential within a person and grant them extraordinary abilities such as a element to manipulate or an Aura. She has also used this to directly deliver her healing wavelength to heal a Soul from complete corruption.

æ Avatar of Gaia – Child of Light æ

After being resurrected from the dead and inhabited by the Life Goddess herself, this Scion was granted with a few boons and blessings from Gaia. 
Gaian right arm: In her previous life, the fight that killed Anthem maimed her first as she got her right side appendage cut off. Instead of simply just cloning her original arm, Lady Gaia had bestowed a special arm that acted as a connection between herself and the newly resurrected Scion. The arm was not flesh and bone but rather wood and flora, with its own life separate from that of its host. While the shape of the several dozen smaller green vines were pressed against the hardened wooden structure on the inside it gave the facsimile of the arm once lost, but that was due to her force of will. It can grow and reshape itself on mental command.Occasionally the arm grows leaves, flowers, and possibly fruit, pulsates with Gaian energy, and twitches.
Super Strength: The energy of life coursing through her body increases her already abundant strength to excel even past average superhuman levels
Gaian Light: Anthem can control the pure energy of Gaian finely enough to illuminate the area around her to creating large concentrated blasts or beams. 
Storm Manipulation: While her abilities already grant her control over the elements of nature, the Gaian light within her allows her to create storms and weather conditions all over the world at once.
Gaian Healing: The energy of Gaia is one of light and life and Anthem can manipulate the energy for healing purposes. The energy of life motivates and expedites the body of the creature to heal its own wounds at an increased rate. With this method the Scion can heal any wound, regenerate any limb, cure any disease and neutralize any poison. This light also provides accelerated passive healing for the Child of Light. 
Speak with Animals: With the power of Gaia behind her, Anthem is able to communicate with all of her creatures. She can speak verbally with animals and get across simple messages, while understanding what they say depending on the intelligence of the creature.  


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